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  • After 11 Years, Woman Spots Beloved Dog Her Mom Gave Away

    When Kate Griffin was in elementary school, she had a little puppy named Cami with caramel-blond fur and she absolutely adored her. Sadly, once her parents got divorced, her mother, later on, decided to give Cami away to the babysitter. “She wasn’t allowed at my dad’s house, so my mom had to take care of her

    OMG!Lyn KellySeptember 17, 2017
  • Spider-Man Spotted Helping Out With Hurricane Irma Cleanup

    As Hurricane Irma died down, Cheryl Hanbury from Bradenton, Florida, was out early the next day to survey the damage of the natural disaster and to start cleaning up. She was then shocked when she spotted someone in a Spider-Man costume cutting a fallen tree with a chainsaw. Considering the chances of her seeing an

    EntertainmentLyn KellySeptember 17, 2017
  • Actress Donates Kidney to Lupus-Stricken Friend, Singer Selena Gomez

    Pop singer Selena Gomez has been under the radar lately despite the release of her new music and while fans speculated on a variety of reasons why, it turned out that 25-year-old singer had undergone a kidney transplant. “I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the

    OMG!Lyn KellySeptember 16, 2017
  • Dad Has Awesome Advice for Other Fathers Whose Kids Gravitate to Mom

    Terrence Mentor is a blogger who goes under the screen name AfroDaddy. Recently he publicly opened up his personal struggles of being a dad and his relationship with his younger son, who seems to be indifferent towards him. He hopes that by sharing his story, parents all over the world will understand they don’t need to

    LifeLyn KellySeptember 15, 2017
  • Man With No Pets Comes Home to Find Strange Cat Waiting for Him

    Nigel lives without any human or animal companion, which was why he was pleasantly surprised when he came home one day from work to see a cat sitting on a folding chair inside his home waiting for him. “I came home from work to find this little floof just chillin in my house. He must have

    HUMORLyn KellySeptember 15, 2017
  • Real-life Crimes Inspired By Hollywood Blockbusters

    The film industry has a massive effect on society as well as on individuals. Movies have created entire subcultures and gain huge audiences that attempt to copy, in some way or another, the characters or worlds that appear on the silver screen. Many times, though, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Anyone who has seen a movie knows the amount of crime and violence that is portrayed. What happens when people go too far and copy villains and criminals? After all, life imitates art far more than art imitates life. Read on to find out just which films have inspired horrific crimes. The list will surprise you.

    EntertainmentAsher WeberSeptember 14, 2017
  • Police Officer Dances with Distraught Elderly Woman in Evacuation Center to Help Her Relax

    Hurricane Irma displaced countless people including those who are living in assisted living facilities. Take Pat, for example, who is an elderly woman evacuated from a care facility amidst the treacherous storm. Though it was a stressful situaton, fortunately, one police officer decided to dance  with her to ease her fears. Pat appeared to be anxious

    OMG!Lyn KellySeptember 14, 2017
  • County Jail Converted Into Modern-Day Noah’s Ark Amid Hurricane

    It may seem strange and a bit more like Noah’s Ark than anything else. Amidst Hurricane Irma, about 250 different animals such as sloths, snakes, mini-horses, reptiles, and others from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm in Key West, Fla., had to be evacuated and were placed inside a county jail to keep them safe.

    OMG!Lyn KellySeptember 14, 2017
  • These Big Hollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions Will Remind You That Everyone Is Human

    When you think about the world of cinema, you likely think not only about the actors and actresses and their stellar performances but also about what they wear. You might picture long, flowing ballgowns, cute color-coordinated outfits, clothing that just really helps establish who a character is and what his or her story may be. However, even in the glamorous Hollywood, fashion can go awry. Read on to learn more about some of the biggest wardrobe blunders in film history.

    OMG!Melina PapadopoulosSeptember 13, 2017
  • This Dog Is on a Mission to Save Earthworms and It’s So Sweet

    It is said that true kindness is seen on how one treats the lowliest of beings and if this adage is to be considered, then a 2-year-old rescue dog named Holliday is undoubtedly one of the kindest dogs in the world because she loves rescuing distressed earthworms during her regular leisure walks. In a video

    OMG!Lyn KellySeptember 13, 2017
  • Six-Year-Old Girl Sells Lemonade to Help Classmate Pay for School Lunch

    Amiah Van Hill is a normal 6-year old girl yet she has something special that will certainly touch your heart. This little second grader has a very special hobby that she puts into good use. Amiah and her younger sibling Aria are small girls on a huge mission. In one of her interviews, Amiah said

    OMG!Lyn KellySeptember 13, 2017
  • What Really Happened to Laci Peterson? The Answer is Shocking

    The Laci Peterson Case dominated headlines for years. The blockbuster trial turned into a wild media frenzy as details unfolded about the woman's shocking murder and her husband Scott's character. The trial was heavily publicized and some have wondered if that may have compromised the trial. On top of that, the court's verdict was based on circumstantial evidence, questionable witnesses and possible “stealth jurors” who allegedly swayed the verdict. Was Scott's fate sealed before he ever arrived in court? What actually happened Laci Peterson? Read on to find out what is known about the case. The details may just leave you questioning your trust in the US legal system.

    LifeAsher WeberSeptember 12, 2017