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  • Are You a True Law & Order Expert? Not Everyone Can Pass This Quiz

    EntertainmentMilos RockerJanuary 16, 2018
  • Products Made By Pranksters That Made Us Laugh

    If you think that everything you can possibly imagine has already been invented, think again. In fact, new things are being created every single day and these inventors aren’t just developing a new twist on an old product, they’re also making us laugh while they do it. Check them out! The Coat That’s As Warm As

    HUMORWill GardnerJanuary 16, 2018
  • These Social Experiments Show the Good and Bad of Humanity

    Psychological experiments aren’t really what you’d expect. It’s not like a movie. You’re not being strapped to a chair or being exposed to shocking images with your eyelids taped open. Usually, these experiments are social in nature, and deal with how you handle human interaction or how you conduct yourself in strange situations. These 10 experiments are

    LifeJade LaneganJanuary 15, 2018
  • These Pets Love their Owner’s Significant Other Way More, and I’m Dying Laughing

    We know. Having a pet is all about the love and affection they bring. But what about when your pet becomes more attached to your significant other than to you? This is what happens and we warn you that while it’s cute and funny, it’s not pretty, either. Some relationships can end over this! Don’t

    OMG!Will GardnerJanuary 15, 2018
  • Can Instagram Save Lives? This Woman Says it Saved Her From Anorexia

    We are a society obsessed with social media. It dominates our lives and dictates our behaviors. Many are beginning to speak out against the trend, but for one young woman in England, social media became the lifesaver she needed. How it Started  Emelle Lewis, now a 22-year-old psychology student, first began experiencing symptoms of a

    OMG!Jade LaneganJanuary 14, 2018
  • How Meghan Markle’s Style Has Evolved Since She Met Prince Harry

    She might not be royalty just yet, but Megan Markle has definitely become the latest queen of chic. Everyone knows and loves the "Suits" star for her chic city style as character Rachel Zane on-screen, but her off-duty ensembles really reveal her journey from classic girl next door to Hollywood hip to becoming a real fashion icon when she began dating Prince Harry. Her style choices have become so influential that stores are even selling out of items just because Markle wore them! Read here to see how Markle's style has completely evolved over the years (and pick up a few tips along the way)!

    EntertainmentDanielle ProphetaJanuary 14, 2018
  • These Homeowners Refused to Move No Matter the Cost

    It’s inspiring to read stories of people who have stood up for what’s rightfully theirs and did not bow when bullied. These families have been made famous for their resistance to government and big corporations. They’ve fought to stay in their homes, even when facing drastic consequences we couldn’t possibly imagine. Read through if you need

    LifeJade LaneganJanuary 14, 2018
  • Famous Chinese Cosplay Model Reveals Secret That Shocks Fans

    Cosplay is a really big deal in Asia. In fact, it’s been a huge thing in China and Japan for decades before our own ComiCon fans had even thought of it. Alice Haoge is one of China’s biggest cosplay models and her images are among the most shared in the country, but she has a big surprise

    OMG!Will GardnerJanuary 14, 2018
  • Guy is Offering People $45/Hour to Pop Their Pimples For Them

      The beauty industry has one piece of advice when it comes to squeezing pimples – don’t do it. If you squeeze a pimple and it becomes infected, it can make it worse and lead to scarring. That advice, however, ignores the salient fact that sometimes you simply have to pop a pimple. You’ve got

    OMG!Jade LaneganJanuary 11, 2018
  • These Cool Facts Will Make You Want to Move to Canada

    So you think it's too cold to go to Canada, eh? There's a lot to love about the Frozen North, and once you're through with this list, you'll have your bags packed up in no time. From the beautiful lakes and landscapes to the tasty Canadian snacks, the land of maple syrup and poutine has a whole lot to offer (even a UFO landing pad – but don’t tell the aliens)! So, for the wild, the wonderful, and even the downright weird, read these cool facts that will make you want to move to Canada tomorrow. If Santa Claus holds citizenship, there must be a good reason. Just watch out for those polar bears!

    LifeDanielle ProphetaJanuary 10, 2018
  • These People Accidentally Texted Their Bosses and it’s Mortifying

    The text message has become a critical part of the way we communicate with each other but sometimes, we make mistakes in our texts. That’s OK most of the time. It’s not OK when the recipient is our boss and we’ve said something really stupid, just like these people. Also, their mistakes are hilarious. Check them

    OMG!Will GardnerJanuary 10, 2018
  • These Cringeworthy Photos Will Have You Questioning Humanity

    A crime against humanity is a deliberate act that causes human suffering or death. The frustrations captured in these cringeworthy photos may not cause suffering or death, but it can sure feel like it at times. I mean, who doesn’t get ticked off when the giant Christmas tree at the mall is off center? You won’t believe the

    HUMORWill GardnerJanuary 10, 2018