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4 Ways to Crash and Burn Your Start Up

Matthew Beck

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs are susceptible to critical errors with disastrous consequences. This article lists the top four in my experience. Manufacturing a product without a market to sell to Having no competitive advantages Failing to hire competent staff Poor record keeping and financial management skills Manufacturing a product without a market Sometimes entrepreneurs become anxious to go to...



Woman of Today Finds It a Waste of Time To Indulge In Any Sort of Craft .

Tania Ashraf

Times have changed too such an extent that from the time of our fore fathers when we used to see our grand ma's knitting away in winter seasons then our moms knitting sweaters for us was a pleasurable as well as a treat for us to wear such sweaters or using such embroidded stuff in our houses that if gave a feeling of pride and love for getting such stuff to wear and use in the house as table cloths or knitted stuff . But now...



PCOS and Infertility - Could Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Be the Reason You Can't Get Pregnant?

Lucy OBrien

If you are a women who is wondering why you are having trouble getting pregnant, then you may want to consider whether PCOS is part of your problem. PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a common reason for infertility amongst women and brings with it a variety of symptoms, which may appear with the onset of puberty. However, for many women, because their suffering is tolerable, they do not realise that they have this condition until..