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  • Users Tipped Off To Cryptocurrency Scam After Hilarious Photo Mistake On Site

    Hollywood star Ryan Gosling boasts many career achievements and his latest seems to be the ability to bring down a cryptocurrency scam just with his face. A Chinese company called Miroskii recently promoted a new cryptocurrency, which they called a “rival to Bitcoin,” and raised a whopping $830,000 in initial coin offering. But more interesting was

    HUMORJade LaneganMarch 17, 2018
  • These Unique Two-Image Photo Creations Will Make You Look Twice

    Stephen McMennamy is an artist from Atlanta who discovered Instagram a few years ago when he fell back in love with photography. His keen artistic eye coupled with an interest in puzzles led him to create interesting photography pieces he calls “combophotos.” Read on to see how he puts together the most unlikely photos to

    EntertainmentJade LaneganMarch 17, 2018
  • 10 Hilarious Online Shopping Purchases Gone Terribly Wrong

    There’s almost nothing as treacherous as the world of online shopping. Amazon and other online vendors try to make it as easy as possible, but consumers still end up getting packages that don’t exactly match what they thought they purchased. From prom dresses gone horribly wrong to causal wear disasters, these online shopping fails are hysterical

    HUMORJade LaneganMarch 17, 2018
  • Google’s New Website Aims To Demystify Artifical Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are subjects that are increasingly discussed in tech circles. But what exactly are AI and ML, and why are they so important? Google has introduced a new website called “Learn with Google AI” that aims to help people understand how Artificial Intelligence works, learn about core machine learning concepts, develop skills,

    WHAT'S HOTJade LaneganMarch 16, 2018
  • You Won’t Believe These Facts Are True, So Here Are Pics

    You often hear facts that sound more like myths. You usually believe something is true because you wish it was true—not because of what the facts state. But these images turn that whole equation upside down. Check out this list of 10 facts you wouldn’t normally believe until a picture proves it. Can you believe

    OMG!Jade LaneganMarch 16, 2018
  • Why So Many Apple Workers Are Accidentally Injuring Themselves At The New HQ

    Apple opened its new headquarters in California with a $5 billion dollar price tag and an unprecedented and unique spaceship-style design. The architects for the building were so excited to unveil their masterpiece for the 13,000 employees who were going to work there, their hard work finally displayed for all to see. But there was

    HUMORJade LaneganMarch 16, 2018
  • Woman Risks Her Own Life To Save Dog From Frozen Water In Stunning Video

    Dog walkers were going for a walk in the snow in Vancouver in February when a canine decided to wander out onto the frozen, snow-covered Trout Lake. To everyone’s surprise, the canine suddenly plunged into the bitter water. One woman decided to risk her own life to save the dog as she ventured through the

    Viral VideosJade LaneganMarch 15, 2018
  • Lyft Is Going To Help Save Healthcare Providers Save Billions. Here’s How.

    Following up on recent news that Uber will be entering into the healthcare transportation market, Lyft has announced a new partnership with Allscripts, an American company that offers healthcare providers and hospitals with practice management and electronic health record technology. This partnership will allow healthcare providers to request rides for their patients. A New Way

    TravelJade LaneganMarch 15, 2018
  • 10 Office Geniuses You’d Be Honored To Share A Cubicle With

    Does the thought of spending another day at the office sometimes leave you a little less than enthused? If you’ve ever wished you could perk things up a bit around the workplace, then rest assured you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll meet a group of office revolutionaries who can teach you the art

    HUMORJade LaneganMarch 15, 2018
  • Behind-The-Scenes Facts From The Hit Movie Cool Hand Luke

    Over 50 years ago, actor and philanthropist Paul Newman introduced the world to one of the greatest characters in American cinema, Lucas “Luke” Jackson, in the now-classic movie Cool Hand Luke. After a night of drunken rampaging, Luke is sentenced to two years hard labor in a Florida chain gang. He undergoes physical and mental anguish during his time in prison but somehow finds the courage to persevere through the good and the bad alike, finding his place among the gang. Read on to find out some interesting behind the scenes facts about the hit-movie Cool Hand Luke.

    EntertainmentAsher WeberMarch 15, 2018
  • Family Adopts Pit Bull But She Won’t Leave Without Tiny Best Friend

    It's no secret that dogs are man's best friend. Their unconditional loyalty and genuine love render them the best companions out there. However, our canine friends can also form unbreakable bonds with one another. This heartwarming animal rescue story of a pit bull and Chihuahua proves just how strong that bond can grow; a bond not even humans can understand. When an animal shelter tried to find a forever home for a young pit bull, she did something that blew all the volunteers away. Read here to find out what happened when the rescuers tried to separate her from her tiny best friend.

    OMG!Danielle ProphetaMarch 14, 2018
  • School Bus Driver Risks Her Job To Help A Hungry Stray Dog

    The inspirational quote “Not all superheroes wear capes” has been circling around the Internet for a few years now. Its overexposure may have turned it into somewhat of a cliche. Even so, there’s a hardly a better way to capture this school bus driver and her nobility. A Silent Vigilante The school bus driver first

    LifeJade LaneganMarch 14, 2018