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10 of the Most Beautiful Pictures From The World’s Largest Photography Contest

Photo by semuthutan via Flickr


These photographers definitely deserve more than Instagram likes. Every year, people submit their best work to the Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s largest photography competition and this year didn’t disappoint. There were 230,103 entries, spanning over a record breaking 186 countries waiting to be judged by the World Photography Organization. The awards are divided into five groups: professional (14 categories for serious photographers), open (1o categories for anyone can submit), youth (3 categories for 12-19-year-olds), student focus (for students studying photography), and national award (for local photographers from 50 countries). The winners will get $30,000 in cash prizes, plus whatever is the latest Sony digital imaging equipment. According to their website, the point of the competition is to “recognize and reward the best contemporary photography in the world.” The official winners will be announced on April 21 and the ceremony will take place in London at the Somerset House.

Here are 10 of the Most Beautiful Pictures From The World’s Largest Photography Contest

“RIC Hornets”

Rob Gregory/Sony World Photography Award

Rob Gregory

The professional photographer, Rob Gregory, was hired by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Adaptive Sports Program to take pictures of the RIC Hornets wheelchair basketball team. He ended up submitting the perfect timing photograph to the “campaign” category. This basketball player shows his dedication and ruthlessness for the game as he literally dives for the ball. Suffice to say, I think RIC got their money’s worth.

“Real world aliens”

Alexander Semenov/Sony World Photography Award

Alexander Semenov

The professional photographer and diver, Alexander Semenov of Russia, had to swim deep into the waters off the coast of Russia to capture this magnificent jellyfish (Cyanea nude). This photograph was submitted to the professional group under the environment category and made it onto the shortlist. In case it wasn’t obvious, Semenov has an interest in marine biological and leads teams into the frigid waters near the arctic circle to discover mysterious creatures like this one. He practically risks his life to get these breathtaking photographs! Just look how perfect this Jellyfish poses for the camera!

“Women’s Team Free Synchronised Swimming Kazan 2015”

Matthias Hangst/Sony World Photography Award Germanym, Shortlist, Professional: Sport

Matthias Hangst

Matthias Hangst is a professional photographer who submitted this photograph of a member of the Mexican women’s synchronized swimming team. Hangst got this perfectly timed photo of the swimmer during the FINA World Championships in Kazan, Russia.  The original photo shows the swimmer’s very colorful swimsuit but by editing it to black and white, Hangst makes it more dramatic. Just look how the water comes off of her!

“Too Much Practice”

Khairel Anuar/Sony World Photography Award

Khairel Anuar

This photograph was taken at the Melasti Festival in Bali in Malaysia by Khairel Anuar Che Ani. He submitted this photograph into the “split second” category in the open group but has been doing photography for a long time, building his profile in Malaysia.  What is captivating about this photograph of these young girls is their bright dresses and headpieces, along with their expressions as they wait for their performance time. The one yawning girl, who probably didn’t see Khairel taking the photo, definitely completes this photo!

“Open air”

Karolis Janulis/Sony World Photography Awar

Karolis Janulis

This photo was taken in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, for the open competition “people” category. Karolis Janulis took the photo during a mass yoga in the central park on a sunny afternoon using a drone. Janulis specializes in aerial photography as he likes the bird’s eye perspective. This technique definitely gives unique photos and this photo shows the colorfulness and scattering of people in the park in a new light!

“Fight for your dreams–The boxers of Bukom”

Patrick Sinkel/Sony World Photography Award

Patrick Sinkel

Patrick Sinkel of Germany traveled to Bokum, Ghana and captured the long tradition of boxing in this poor neighborhood. Boxing is even more popular in Bokum and has given us many world boxing champions. The professional photographer did a fabulous job of captivating the love these boys have for boxing, especially with the black and white effect. A lot of the photographs in the sports section of the professional photography competition shows the players but Sinkel gives the perspective of the fans and their emotions are priceless.

“Sea baby”

Andrey Narchuk/Sony World Photography Award

Andrey Narchuk

Just look how adorable this baby fur seal is and how curious he is of the camera! Andrey Narchuk of Russia took this photo for the open competition’s “Nature and Wildlife” category and it is just too perfect. Narchuk captured this photo while swimming in the Commander Islands in the Bering Sea. Have you ever tried to take a picture underwater? It is really hard, but Narchuk managed to get the perfect photo of a marine animal, complete with bubbles!

“Running Away with the Circus”

Stephanie Sinclair/Sony World Photography Award

Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair, a professional photographer wanted to capture the daily life of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus. 270 of their employees, spanning from 25 different countries, spent 44 weeks a year living on these trains. The American photographer took photos of the crew (which obviously includes this elephant!), documenting the history of the circus and the people aboard the trains, many of which have continued their family’s tradition. I think they need a bigger train cart for this elephant!

“Farming the Sea”

Tanveer Rohan/Sony World Photography Award

Tanveer Rohan

Tanveer Rohan took this photo off the coast of Hong Kong, China for the open travel category. It is definitely a photo you have to study closely and I wasn’t able to guess what is going on in this photo. Rohan was able to capture a fisherman in a small boat, paddling through a bunch of bamboo rods. The bamboo rods, which honestly look like strands of hair, are put in the sea to help aid with aquaculture. The black and white effect makes the photograph look eery and old but in a cool way!

“Reindeer Farmer Kids”

Peter Voss/Sony World Photography Award

Peter Voss

The kids in this photograph, taken in Mongolia, are literally known as reindeer farmers and yes, reindeers are an actual animal (sadly, they can’t fly, though).  The German photographer, Peter Voss, submitted this photo to the open competition’s “smile” category, which perfectly matches these kids’ faces! Seems like an awesome job to roam fields on top of a reindeer! Just look how badass these kids look as if they are towering over Peter Voss!

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