Where you came from ?! 8 Funniest Accidents Ever Caught On Tape
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8 Funniest Accidents Ever Caught On Tape. #6 Is Hilarious!

We spend such big portions of our lives behind the steering wheel, it’s a shame we have to spend so much of it around such stupid drivers. There is, however, one good side to this – sometimes these stupid drivers are caught on tape, and we get to laugh at them.

Distracted Motorcyclist Rear-Ends Car

Motorcycles can be a very convenient vehicle – you skip the traffic jams, you enjoy the wind on your face, and you look kind of cool. But alas, you don’t look cool at all when you’re doing something stupid – like ramming into a standing car.

And that’s exactly what happened to this motorcyclist in Brazil, who failed to notice the crosswalk ahead of him, and more to the point – the car that had stopped for the crossing children. He kept on riding, without a care in the world – and it all ended up just like a crazy circus act, with him somersaulting (rather gracefully!) over the car.

So next time you’re riding a bike, please remember – when a car stops in front of you, you’re supposed to stop as well. And if you don’t, at least make sure there aren’t any street cameras around to capture your shame.

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