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8 Funniest Accidents Ever Caught On Tape. #6 Is Hilarious!

We spend such big portions of our lives behind the steering wheel, it’s a shame we have to spend so much of it around such stupid drivers. There is, however, one good side to this – sometimes these stupid drivers are caught on tape, and we get to laugh at them. Distracted Motorcyclist Rear-Ends Car […]

We spend such big portions of our lives behind the steering wheel, it’s a shame we have to spend so much of it around such stupid drivers. There is, however, one good side to this – sometimes these stupid drivers are caught on tape, and we get to laugh at them.

Distracted Motorcyclist Rear-Ends Car

Motorcycles can be a very convenient vehicle – you skip the traffic jams, you enjoy the wind on your face, and you look kind of cool. But alas, you don’t look cool at all when you’re doing something stupid – like ramming into a standing car.

And that’s exactly what happened to this motorcyclist in Brazil, who failed to notice the crosswalk ahead of him, and more to the point – the car that had stopped for the crossing children. He kept on riding, without a care in the world – and it all ended up just like a crazy circus act, with him somersaulting (rather gracefully!) over the car.

So next time you’re riding a bike, please remember – when a car stops in front of you, you’re supposed to stop as well. And if you don’t, at least make sure there aren’t any street cameras around to capture your shame.

Guy Falls Out Of Car In Drive Through Line

When a man’s gotta eat, a man’s gotta eat. But some men are not as good a driver as they’d like to think – and this man in particular, seems to have miscalculated his parking in front of the drive-through window.

At this point, a smarter driver would have pulled the handbrake, and would have bothered to get out of the car to reach the food being handed to him. But not this guy – first he stopped the car too far from the window, then he was too lazy to get out, and eventually, he paid the ultimate price – not only did he fall out of his car like a douchebag, but it was also filmed for the entire Internet to mock.

We still have some mercy in our hearts, though, so we do hope he at least go to eat whatever it was that got him into so much trouble.

This Is One Way To Roll Your Car

Another fine example of a distracted driver ending up on his head. We’re not sure what this Ukrainian guy was on – perhaps he was too busy admiring his big, expensive SUV, perhaps he was listening to the radio, singing to himself what a beautiful day this is.

Or perhaps he was busy mocking the traffic jam on the other side of the road. “Yes”, he thought to himself, “They’re miserable, stuck there in their tiny, cheap cars.” And while thinking those happy thoughts, he rammed his car STRAIGHT INTO that traffic jam, rolling his own car over in the process.

Either way, the final result looks like something out of a Mission Impossible movie, with two differences – Tom Cruise is nowhere to be seen, and, in a movie the car tends to explode after a rollover. In real life, instead of an explosion you just get a very confused, hopefully unhurt driver.

Russian Driver Chasing His Own Car

Remember The Flintstones? They had “Footmobiles” – cars (made out of stone, mind you) that had to be “pushed” with your legs. Well, sometimes real life is surprisingly similar to old Saturday morning cartoons, as is the case with this driver, who had to push (and then chase) his car down the road.

Veteran drivers know that sometimes you need to push your car. Either because it doesn’t start and you want to move it out of the middle of the road, or because you need to give it a “jump start”. But the point is to get INSIDE the car after you give it the first boost. This driver seems to have missed that part, and ended up running alongside his own car, either because the door was locked, or because he wasn’t ready for the car to – surprise – roll down the road.

It could have been worse, though. He could have been run over by his own car, and look REALLY stupid.

Instant Karma

Some drivers are not only stupid – they’re also very rude. We all know them – they honk at you, they yell, they cut lanes, and often they end up causing accidents. Sometimes, however, the universe works in our favor (us, the calm and sane people), and the rude people get exactly what they deserve.

In this case, this rude girl was probably thinking the road belongs to her father (they always do), and therefore couldn’t be bothered to wait for another car to pass the intersection. And if that’s not enough, she also had to show the other driver a piece of her mind – meaning, her middle finger.

But then Karma intervened. And while this annoying girl was busy being rude, she failed to notice the car stopping right in front of her – and rammed into that car. A perfect example of rude AND stupid if we ever saw one – and, thankfully, it was caught on tape.

Bizarre Accident. What was she thinking?!

Some accidents are just too weird to even begin to explain or understand. We’ve seen stupid drivers, distracted drivers, rude drivers – and then there’s this one.

It all starts very calmly. It’s a sunny day in California, there’s a weird song playing in the car, and there ain’t a lot of traffic. And then – it happens.

At first it looks like a “regular” accident, with a driver inexplicably stopping the car in the middle of the road. Sure, that happens sometimes. But then, the woman behind the steering wheel calmly gets out of the car, without stopping the vehicle, and just strolls away, while her car keeps rolling onward, over to the oncoming lane, until THE CAR (without a driver, remember?) causes an accident.

What was the woman thinking? Was there a snake in her car? Was she tired of driving and decided to take a stroll? Was she insane or just stupid? It’s really hard to tell in this case.

Terrible Driver Rolls Truck

In Russia, it’s very common for cars to have dashboard cameras – mainly due to police corruption, and the assumption that cops would prefer to take a bribe than investigate the truth in the case of an accident. Therefore, a dashcam filming the entire accident will help prove your case.

The result? We get to see accidents like this one, where a dangerous, rude driver gets what he asked for. When stupid drivers cut you on the road, they don’t expect to roll over and hit a lamp post – they think nothing can touch them, especially when their car is bigger than yours.

Well, as we’ve seen throughout this article, sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways – and if you drive like a crazy maniac, there’s a very good chance your truck will roll into a lamp post.

Plus, this is a perfect example of the importance of dashcams – they protect innocent drivers, and they let us see bad ones getting punished by their own doings.

Crazy PEI Driver

Have you noticed the trend yet? Why is it that people with bigger cars – and more so, with expensive cars – are more likely to drive like douchebags? Maybe it’s because they’re used to treating others like useless poor people, or maybe because they think their money (and gadgets) will protect them.

Either way, this last video is an excellent example of a rich guy (or maybe the son of a rich guy) being stupid inside his expensive Porsche. He seems to think he’s in a movie, or maybe he thinks the whole world is a training ground for his luxurious car, and we’re all just test dummies – so he races all over the road like a crazy person, driving as if he’s in the middle of a Grand Theft Auto game.

But then – thankfully, he gets what he deserves, when his wheel (which probably costs more than your whole car) flies over, to our enjoyment.

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