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8 Craziest Car Accident Videos Ever Caught On Camera. #4 is a must see!

Some drivers are too lucky for their own good – they do crazy stunts on the road (usually unintentionally), and somehow end up without a scratch. Still, don’t try these at home – you might not be so lucky. Speeding Accident This driver loves speed. In fact, when the video starts, one might mistake it […]

Some drivers are too lucky for their own good – they do crazy stunts on the road (usually unintentionally), and somehow end up without a scratch. Still, don’t try these at home – you might not be so lucky.

Speeding Accident

This driver loves speed. In fact, when the video starts, one might mistake it for a console racing game with high-quality graphics. But it’s not a game.

And if you speed up too much on the road, without looking around you, there’s usually a price to pay. And as is often the case, the driver who caused the accident is not the only one who gets hurt – the poor driver in the other car is having a very bad day as well.

Luckily, both of the drivers are still alive and well – we just hope the speedy driver has learned his lesson – otherwise he’s going to star here again, but next time he might not be as lucky.

Brutal Crash at Night

Why is it that all those douchebag drivers always try to cut corners? They seem to believe the laws of men on the road don’t apply to them. Well, sometimes they find out that, at the very least, the laws of physics do apply to them.

This driver from Florida was tired of waiting in line, like all the other law-abiding drivers, and decided to go into the express-lane no matter what. But, guess what – cars on the express lane drive fast, and they don’t ceremoniously wait for any reckless idiot who tries to barge into the lane.

The result? A magnificent night-time crash caught on tape, a cinematic rolling car, and a driver who miraculously lived to tell the tale. Next time you’re in a traffic jam – please, just wait, you’ll get there eventually.

Car Stopping in the middle of the road

Another fine example of an accident caused by one driver’s stupidity. How is it ever a good idea to stop your car in the middle of the highway? Obviously, it’s not. But this driver in Moscow seems to have missed this important lesson while in driving school.

Not only did he stop in the middle of the road – he was actually trying to get out of his car. Maybe he was planning to change a tire; maybe his hat flew out of the window, who knows – either way, it led to a very unpleasant, yet not surprising, crash.

And the worst part? The crashing driver who’s filming the entire thing, went on to do the same thing – and stopped HIS car in the middle of the highway. But at this point he might have been in shock, so we’ll give him a pass.

Car Fails to Yield to a Semi

If you’re going to be involved in a car accident, PLEASE try not to have it with a semi-trailer truck. This driver from Russia (what is it with reckless drivers in Russia?) forgot one crucial thing you have to remember while on the road – a truck will always be bigger than you.

Even in movies we don’t often see moments like this one – and watching from afar, it’s hard to believe no one was seriously injured in this accident. But there you have it – sometimes you can do stupid things on the road, take on a semi-trailer, and live to tell the tale.

The car, however, did not live to tell any tales after this.

193 accident

Here’s a lesson for us all: when you’re late for work, it’s NOT a good enough excuse to try and bypass cars where it’s not permitted. There’s usually a reason for these lane markings, you know?

This woman in California, however, who was indeed late for work, decided it won’t hurt her (or others) to move onto the opposing lane, full speed ahead, with a car coming from the other side. Well, it did hurt her, and she had to spend a day in the hospital. At least we got an amazing moment filmed out of all this.

Truck Overturns After Tire Bursts

Many of the accidents we’ve seen were caused by stupid drivers. Sometimes. However, the driver is not at fault, and when a tire bursts, there isn’t much you can do. And when a tire bursts on a huge truck – there’s REALLY nothing you can do, except to pray to whatever God you believe in.

And that’s not even the scariest part of this video – sure, it was bad for the truck driver, but how horrifying is it to sit in your car and watch an overturned truck speeding towards you on the road? A few more meters and this would have had a very different (and probably sad) ending.

Driver Wrecks Over The Median

This time, the reason for the accident is unknown – are we in Stupid Driver Land, or was this just a poor driver losing control of her car? Whichever the case, we’re faced with another unbelievably scary moment, that somehow ended without any major injuries.

Make sure you look at the video closely, though – the flipping car is not even the most amazing thing in this video. After flipping over, the car’s wheel flew up into the air, right into the windshield of the car filming the thing. That’s something you usually see in 3D blockbusters, and not in real life – but there you have it, a wheel of a car flying towards an unsuspecting driver.

Truck Flies Into Civilians On Sidewalk

It’s a calm day in Brazil – with three guys sitting on the sidewalk, enjoying the sun and the trees around them, not a care in the entire world.

That is until a truck flies over in full speed towards them. The carnage is big – even the tree is smashed over and is now on the floor.

But then, the unbelievable happens. The fact that the first two guys managed just to stand up and walk after this crazy accident is amazing enough – but then comes the real OMG moment, when the third guy crawls from under the truck, without any significant injuries. This is some lucky dude – hopefully from there he went straight ahead to buy a lottery ticket because this was unquestionably his lucky day.

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