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94 Yorkie Dogs Hoarded by San Diego Couple Find New Homes

A San Diego couple pleaded guilty over hoarding over one hundred Yorkie dogs. It still remains vague why 62-year-old Christine Calvert and 73-year-old Matt Vattimo hoarded this many dogs. However, it is quite clear that they were not responsible pet owners at all.


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It was back in January when the poor creatures were rescued by the Humane Society in terrible living conditions. They were also found to suffer from various health issues, such as severe matting and ear infections.

The tip came from an alarmed veterinarian who reported to the Humane Society that 180 dogs were being kept by the couple in unsanitary and deplorable living conditions. The couple barred the initial Humane Society responders from entering their home. However, they were able to enter only a few days later, rescuing 94 dogs within the following eight hours.

Yorkie Dogs

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Surprisingly, it was only after Calvert was arrested in Primm, Nevada back in February when it was discovered that the couple was hoarding 29 more dogs at a restaurant they owned, plus 50 more at their 31-foot motorhome.

The couple received multiple charges, including 10 counts of felony in animal abuse and neglect, plus one count of resisting an officer.

While Calvert and Vattimo decided on a not guilty plea back in March, the couple is yet to be sentenced on July 11. Said plea agreement also requires them to receive counseling, as well as have their motorhome ownership transferred in restitution to the Humane Society, according to prosecutors. They are not allowed by law to own any pets for the next ten years.

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As for the almost 180 Yorkie dogs, they have been under the care of the San Diego Humane Society since the rescue operations. Over 1,500 applicants have shown interest in adopting the dogs. To date, 94 have reportedly been adopted into healthy and loving homes.

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