When it comes to classics, one of the forerunners of the class when it comes to design is the 1935 Auburn 851. The car is recognized as the one of the most important cars of the prewar era. The car was designed and engineered the Goldon Buehrig and August Duesenberg respectively. It was made by the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg car company, led by Harlod Ames. The car, commonly known as Speedster, and is among the class of Auburn cars that were called Supercharged.

One of the defining characteristics of the Supercharged Auburn cars was the distinct positioning of the exhaust on the hoods left side. Design of the Speedster was also outstanding, with rear and front fenders setting the whole taste and class of the car. The magnificent pontoon fenders and the boattail design of the fenders were influenced by the Duesenberg designs. The boattail design for the Auburn 851 had good aerodynamics, and is one of the first cars to start a revolution in becoming more efficient in terms of aerodynamics.

In terms of performance, the Speedster lived up to its name, with a top speed of 100 mph thanks to its enhanced 1934 Eight engine with an upgraded 150 horsepower. It also had blowers courtesy of the Schitzer-Cummins which contributed to its horsepower.

Today, the Speedster is a headturner in many classic cars showrooms, not only because of its design, but also because of its performance and reliability despite its age. It is considered as one of the most valuable Classic cars, and is labeled as a blue chip investment for car enthusiasts. It is also able to give top notch performance for a vintage car of its class, further raising the value of the Aubunr Speedster 851/852.

Moreover, the company only produced a meager 500 units of this ultra Classic car, making it a very rare item in anyones collection. There are less than one-hundred 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852 models in existence today.

The Auburn Speedster was so iconic that the company's headquarters in Auburn created a museum that houses the different models of the Auburn Automobile, including the 1935 Auburn Supercharged 851/852. In 2005, the US government declared the museum as one of the nations cultural treasures, and gained Federal Protection as it was declared a National Historic Landmark, recognizing the cultural and historical significance of the cars.

The 1935 Auburn is one of the iconic cars that shaped the nation, despite its limited production. It displays outstanding examples of design and construction, earning it the right to be hailed as one of the country's historical treasures

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