God started all of this earthly stuff in motion, as early as Genesis 1, by giving mankind authority over things of this planet. This includes prayer for our nation. This includes prayers for our leaders. As important as voting is, prayer is just as important. And God tells us how to pray.

We are told that God made man after his likeness and image, and with his spiritual blessing and impartation, told man to take dominion over 'all the earth.' Now we must note that this was in conjunction with GOD'S ways and will on this planet, but it was to be done through MAN.

The Great Commission

The great commission is can be seen as a restatement of this. In the closing verses of Matthew 28, Jesus says all power is given to him, and then sends us out to teach and baptize and impart his power.

Then, also a few times in John, Jesus says that anything we ask for in prayer (in his name and in conjunction with his will) will be given us. That's an almost unbelievable promise that most of us don't experience. He even says that we will do greater works than he did (John 14:12).

Pray for Our Leaders

We're instructed to pray for our leaders. How are we to pray for them? Are we to ask God to make them vote the way we want them to? (Of course others may be praying that they vote another way). No! We are to pray for their 'observance of the things of Jesus, as the commission says. We are to pray for God to have influence in their minds and hearts, and that they become open to his will and ways.

Our Problem is one of Belief and Faith

As are most things, our problem is one of faith and belief. If we walk by faith, we don't see that our prayers have much effect or accomplish much, especially if we're taking on the powers that be in our government. What we don't see is that prayer is as much for our benefit as it is to accomplish the ends we want.

If we all pray for the same things, then there is a greater collective influence. And aren't we told that we should all be of 'one mind and heart'? Paul says we should all say the same thing (I Cor 1:10). "Where two or more are gathered. . ." If we are in agreement, we have greater power, authority and dominion.

My Vision of Jacob's Ladder

This is why my vision of Jacob's ladder has meaning to me, and hopefully to you. I spoke of this vision in the prior post. At the very least we should pray that God has inroads into the hearts of our leaders when they do pray.

The 100th Monkey Theory

I think at times, through philosophy or psychology or science, the world has greater belief than the church does. Have you read about 'the 100th monkey theory'? Google it if you haven't and want to read about it. (And this isn't the only theory like this).

The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly 'critical mass' point is reached. This creates social change when enough people start doing the same thing. At a certain point there is a type of hidden, unseen breakthrough that changes things in the natural.

If we have to learn from the world, so be it. But to me, this is a worldly picture of what we as Christians are meant to be doing by means of prayer. If enough of us pray together, collective prayer can reach a so-called 'critical mass' where it literally changes things " there is a breakthrough in the natural, i.e., in our governmental leaders. "If you ask for anything in my name it will be done for you."

Have Dominion and Subdue the Earth

If we believed we truly had power in prayer, we'd rely on prayer more. We would pray more for God to invade the minds and hearts of our national leaders (not that they vote in agreement with our wishes).

If you have a hard time believing God, at least read about the 100th monkey theory and see if that stimulates you. If we joined together as a community of like-minded believers and doers, focused on common objectives, I think we'd see changes. Who knows " we might even see angels involved by preaching the gospel those we pray for (see Rev 14:6).

It's all about connection, fellowship in the gospel and oneness. God sees us as all being one, and united together (John 17:20-23). When we become one in mind and heart, at the very least, we create a 'critical mass' that has some influence and dominion.

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