I woke up Thursday with a vision in my head. I don't get many visions, so I had to ask the Lord about it. It's always best to ask the Lord anyway, right? Most of the time our human thoughts are not his (Isa 55:8-9).

What I saw was like a picture of 'Jacob's Ladder' in Genesis 28. This is where Jacob had a vision of a ladder extending into heaven with angels ascending and descending on it.

The Lord showed me this applied to our national day of prayer here in the USA, which was Thursday, May 3, 2012. He indicated this was meant for this particular day. Many of our national leaders don't attend church, or pray -- or if they do so, it's only for social or political reasons, and not to really connect and relate to God.

But Most Would Pray Today! It Is the National Day of Prayer!

What was the purpose of the vision? It was inducing me to pray for our leaders -- federal, state and local -- and the angels on the ladder were showing me that God had entrance into their hearts as they prayed. Even if they only prayed in a perfunctory way, and not truly spiritually, in doing so they were opening their hearts to God. In that their hearts were more open, God had greater access to reach them.
We often forget that prayer is communication, and communication is a two-way street. Of course we 'pray' -- or talk to God. But also in prayer, God can talk to us. He can get our attention. He can invade our hearts. He can make his presence known.

So I prayed yesterday that even in a leader's perfunctorary prayer (just as an action they did because it was the day of prayer), the Holy Spirit would have greater access to their hearts, minds, souls and spirits.

Licoln Was A Spiritual Man

President Abraham Lincoln referred to God as 'the Almightery Ruler of Nations."

I prayed that God would have greater influence and dominion on this Day of Prayer. And I prayed that he would 'rule' in the affairs of this nation.
This is a type of dominion that we have if we know and relate to God -- knowing that he knows and relates to us. He related to me through this vision. Every day he relates to me in some way. This vision was just very unique.

Be Part of A Grass-Roots Prayer Group!

How about joining me in taking more dominion and authority over our leaders everyday. We know at least some of them pray -- if only in a perfunctory way. It does not matter where you live -- USA, Africa, Europe, etc. Pray that God will enter them through prayer, and have greater access, dominion and authority over them.

After all, man was given dominion way back in the beginning (Gen 1:26, 28). This has even increased since the cross. In the gospel, the power of God is ours (Rom 1:16-17). Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan (I John 3:8). We have total authority over him (Luke 10:19). We'll talk about binding Satan in the affairs of our nations later, plus other matters about dominion and authority.

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