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Adamari Lopez Unfazed Despite Body Shaming from Critics

Puerto Rican-born host and actress Adamari Lopez remains calm and unfazed despite recent backlash over a photo of her bathing suit-clad self posted on Instagram.

body shaming

Adamari Lopez/Instagram

The photograph was taken while Lopez and her partner Toni Costa were enjoying the beach and sun of Riviera Maya in Mexico where she recently spent her 46th birthday. The couple looked content and happy in the photo, but most commentors chose to focus on something else – Lopez’s shape and weight.

While most people might delete the photo and hide into seclusion as they try another weight-loss fad, the Telemundo morning show host chose to remain unaffected by the negative comments and to take it as an opportunity to school her critics about body shaming.

body shaming

D Dipasupil/GettyImages

In an email to TODAY, Lopez said: “I think that when people criticize, they criticize themselves more. I do not take it personal, most likely, those individuals that criticize so brutally have a void in their lives, which reflects in trying to destroy or denigrate others, when in fact it is a reflection of what they have in their heart.”

The actress also stressed that what matters is that she’s happy about who she is saying, “What some may not understand is that I am happy with my life and the things that I have achieved as a woman, a professional and now a mother.”

body shaming

Slaven Vlasic/GettyImages

Lopez also shared that losing weight is something that she will do for herself and her health and not to please other people: “I’m aware that I would like to lose weight for my health but not to satisfy the people who think I should lose weight. I will not stop showing who I am and I will continue to live happily every stage of my life.”

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