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Adorable Stray Kitten Turns Out To Not Even Be A Cat

When baby animals are separated from their mothers, they are often confused and afraid. They may wind up in dangerous situations as a result! Thankfully, caring humans often step in to intervene in these creatures’ fates. But when this man brought home an abandoned kitten, he soon realized that it wasn’t what it appeared to be…

The Cries You Can’t Ignore

For animal-lovers, listening to the cries of a dog, cat, or other creature in distress is unbearable. Most kind-hearted humans would intervene to help a panicked animal if they were able. That was what happened when a man from Minnesota heard a kitten yowling for help in a parking lot!


Lost and Alone

A Minnesota resident was wandering through a car lot when a strange sound caught his attention. He identified the source of the noise as an itty-bitty kitten hiding behind a tire! He knew he needed to care for the creature immediately, and he brought the cat home to feed it. However, he soon realized something was off about the lone feline.


Warning Signs

The kitten’s striking features hinted to the man that the animal he had rescued may not have been a typical stray. To find out if it was domestic or wild, he reached out to a few rescue groups. Describing the cat’s appearance was all it took for one of these organizations to demand he bring the cat in!

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota/Facebook

A Wild Rescue

Tami Vogel from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota revealed to the man that he hadn’t rescued a housecat at all. He had captured a wild bobcat kitten! The stranger quickly brought the creature into the rescue group’s shelter. There, they set to work on figuring out how best to help the frightened kitten!


Caring For The Baby Bobcat

They couldn’t return the kitten to the dangerous parking garage in the hopes that its mother would find it. The rehabilitation group decided to find a safer solution to get the bobcat back to its biome! After nursing the dehydrated kitten back to health, they plan on handing the creature off to a specialist who can slowly transition it back into its natural environment. Thanks to this team’s efforts, this bobcat will hopefully lead a healthy life in the wild!


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