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How A Pair Of Air Jordan Sneakers Will Make You Cry Today

When you think of the word tearjerker, you probably think of books and movies — not a pair of sneakers. But when coach Thomas Walser saw student Hector Montez hand him a shoe-shaped box, tears were definitely creeping up on more than a few people in the room.

It was just what he’d always wanted

When Walser was just a kid, he had always longed for a fresh pair of Nike Air Jordan 12s. He never got them, but he also never forgot.

Air Jordan Sneakers

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In fact, the shoes stayed on his mind all the way until Hector Montez’s sophomore year, when Walser casually mentioned to his class his old desire of owning a pair of his favorite shoes.

Like Walser, Montez never forgot.

Walser’s unexpected gift

Walser was Montez’s gym teacher, and someone who, throughout high school, the student felt like he was able to look up to. So, Montez decided, it was time to thank him for, as he puts it, “always keeping it real.” Montez had been in foster care for 11 years, and was used to adults giving up on him. Walser never had.

Air Jordan Sneakers


Walser had no idea when Montez handed him his gift that his offhand comment from years before had now become a reality. “You told me sophomore year this is your favorite shoe,” Montez says. “You told me your size, but you don’t even remember.”

Sure enough, Walser’s dream shoes were in the box

Watching Walser open the box is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

Air Jordan Sneakers

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“Oh man, what? And they are my size,” he says, incredulously. The next thing he does? Put them on, of course! Quickly, his reaction turns from shock and awe to genuine emotion, moved by the thoughtfulness of his student. The display is proof that a little thoughtfulness, the remembering of a stray detail, can go a really long way in showing someone what they mean to you.

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