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The Most Awe-Inspiring Animal Births Ever Caught on Video

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are now able to see many things that were previously only known to the most dedicated of nature conservationists and zoo workers. These amazing animals births, all caught on film, are available for people around the world to see at any time and any place. It’s amazing how different all of these animals are, and yet how much dedication they show to their offspring! Take a look at these 11 incredible animals births!

1. Giant Panda

Every time the National Zoo in Washington, DC is expecting an animal birth, they set up live cameras around that animal’s exhibit to capture the birthing. When the Zoo found out that giant panda Mei Xiang was expecting, the buzz and excitement over the prospect of a new baby panda was big. It’s not every day that a panda gets pregnant, and panda pregnancies are notoriously hard to diagnose. So, when Mei Xiang started showing all of the classic signs of pregnancy, the zoo got ready, and Mei Xiang gave birth to a tiny little panda cub. She had a stillborn the next day, but the first cub is showing signs of being strong and healthy!

2. Lowland Gorilla

The Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic has been very successful when it comes to breeding lowland gorillas, as this birth is the sixth gorilla birth that the zoo has had. Even more remarkably, this was the fourth baby born for mother Kijivu and her mate Richard. The experienced mother gave birth to a tiny baby boy in an extremely efficient manner, squatting in position and catching him upon birth. The baby gorilla is showing every sign of being healthy and well taken care of!

3. Polar Bear

Ouwehands Dierenpark, a Dutch zoo, had a pleasant surprise when their polar bear Huggies gave birth in 2011 to two little baby polar bear cubs, Siku and Sesi. She completed the birth all on her own, with no assistance necessary. The sound on the video is absolutely terrifying – those baby bear cubs sure have strong lungs! But that just means that they’re healthy and strong!

4. Elephant

Elephants have a gestational period of 680 days – that’s a really long time! So, when it came time to deliver mamma elephant Donna’s baby in 2013, the Prague Zoo was very excited. This was Prague Zoo’s very first baby, and having it come in the form of an elephant was a big ordeal. Everything went very smoothly, and Donna gave birth to the lovely baby Sita!

5. Giraffe

In 2008, the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee had a welcome surprise when giraffe Marilyn gave birth to baby Kofi in front of an entire audience of zoo onlookers! This birth is one of the most amazing births ever to be caught on camera, and in just 4 and 1/2 minutes, you get to witness the whole experience. After a healthy Kofi is born, mama Marilyn helps Kofi stand up and start walking. It’s an amazing sight!

6. Tiger

This video offers an extremely close up view of tigress Shadow giving birth to several cubs. These cubs, born in Tiger Canyon in South Africa, were born in the wild, and conservationist John Varty captured the births on camera in a remarkable video. Say hello to two baby tiger cubs!

7. Black Bear

It’s a little hard to see the birth in this video, but that’s only because the video was taken in the bear’s private den in Ely, Montana. Whereas most birthing videos are captured in zoos or private reserves, this video was taken completely in the wild. The Wildlife Research Institute captured this video of mama bear Lily giving birth to baby Hope in 2010. The bears were born in the winter, so they won’t be leaving the den until spring!

8. River Hippo

In 2011, the San Diego Zoo in California had a very happy surprise when hippo Funani gave birth to baby cub Adhama in front of a crowd of onlookers. The birthing took place in water, and neither the mama hippo or the calf seemed to be bothered by the crowd around them. The baby Adhama could immediately swim, meaning it was a very healthy birth!

9. Dolphin

This birthing, which took place in Dolphin Quest Hawaii, took place with humans ready to help the process along if necessary. Hawaiian dolphin mama Keo gave birth to her very first calf, Hali’a! This was the resort’s first birth, so it was a very exciting moment for all of the trainers involved! Immediately, Hali’a started swimming along with her mother and chirping happily. What a nice moment!

10. Asiatic Lion

In 2010, the Bristol Zoo in South West England accomplished what they were trying so hard to do. They successfully bred two endangered Asiatic lion cubs! This was mama Shiva’s first birth, but she handled it extremely well. She gave birth to two adorable lion cubs, baby boy Jayendra and baby girl Kalyana. Only two years later, mama Shiva had another set of twins, much to everyone’s joy!

11. Seahorse

Seahorses are unlike many other animals in the natural world. In this species, it is the male that both incubates the egg and gives birth! Also, unlike any of the other animals on this list, seahorses can give birth to up to 1800 babies at a time. That’s a whole lot of offspring!

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Source: Mental Floss

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