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Why Are These Annoying, Everyday Sounds SO LOUD? These Will Make You Groan.

Okay, you caught us—these aren’t scientifically the loudest sounds that have ever happened… but they’ve certainly made all of us jump into the air, cover our ears, or generally freak out. These are the moments in which you wish that life came with a mute button. Shh!


Why? Heaven Above, Why?


Maybe you’re trying to sneak a late-night meal without waking your parents, or perhaps you’re just being considerate of your sleeping roommate. It doesn’t matter either way. The clatter of dropping anything at night is simply deafening.


Coming Soon: A Living Room Sonic Boom


In the end of the ’90s and early 2000s, we were used to freaking out when this appeared onscreen, usually scrambling to grab the remote control and hit mute.


Much Like The Dropped Spoon…

It’s always the midnight snack that produces the most noise. Just pack up, move to the nearest noisy city, and call it a problem solved.


The Song Of Our People


Here’s another one that leaves you asking “Why me?”

Of all the times that your stomach could growl, why does it have to be in a completely silent room?


The Entire Neighborhood, All At Once


This is tough, because if you’ve got your own yard to mow, you know that the most optimal times are during the cooler temperatures of the morning and evening.


Shot Heard Around The World


It’s only made worse by smaller bathrooms that echo and amplify the noise. Another equally terrible sound is any bottle of anything dropping and hitting the shower floor.


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Words of advice from those of us who have been there: Preemptively open packages of food before class even begins. It’ll probably help cut your snack noise in half.


Collect Your Trophy


This one matters most when you’ve got a microwave that continues beeping even after you open the door and remove food. Never let it pass 0:01.


Thx, But No Thx


Much like the “coming soon” intro, who hasn’t freaked out at the complete jet-turbine-meets-dynamite-explosion loudness of this movie intro? Check it out on YouTube if you need to jog your memory.


Any Of The Windows Sound Effects


Whether you were booting up a computer, logging off, or doing basically anything, you can bet that your machine would send out enough noise to let all of your neighborhood know about it.

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