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This Self-Taught Artist Creates Digital Portraits And They’re Incredibly Realistic

Looking at Ian Wade’s art, you’d never realize that his skills are self-taught. He taught himself to create realistic digital art. Now, every Wednesday, he celebrates #WomanCrushWednesday with a portrait of a stunning woman from somewhere in the world. Check out his Insta, @dracanima_art, to see all of his breathtaking pieces— but here are a few to sneak-peeks!

Jamaican Queen

Featuring @nerissanefeteri, who hails from Jamaica, this art showcases Ian Wade’s talent with shading, something he does by hand. The natural light is gorgeous, and her skin appears to glow from within. Her eyes are arresting, as well— you keep waiting for them to blink. What’s your favorite detail from this piece?

@dracanima_art/Ian Wade

Barbados Barbie Doll

Ian’s portrait of @sademings from Barbados is utter fire. Her beauty shines through the picture. She’s like a Barbie doll, she’s so perfect. Check out the shading on her lips, the arch of her eyebrows, and the play of light and shadow on her chest. Props to the eyes in this piece, as well, they’re soul-searing.

@dracanima_art/Ian Wade

Happening In Holland

Hailing from Holland, @shizenwong is about to be everyone’s #WCW. Ian Wade’s skills are evident throughout this portrait. In particular, those lush curly coils are on point. Hair is hard to render digitally under the best of circumstances, but the fact that each spiral of hair is defined, full, and realistic. Well, that’s impressive.

@dracanima_art/Ian Wade

Slay In The USA

The digital rendering of @lustinhereyes from the United States is the definition of how to slay. Ian got the details all the way down. Her hair is flawless, both the shaved portion and every twist. Her nose ring catches the light, her eyes speak of a femme fatale, and her lips are divine. The sprinkles on the sundae, however, are those gorgeous freckles.

@dracanima_art/Ian Wade

Nigerian Royalty

@uchenna_ is Nigerian and Canadian, and goodness, she is a goddess! The curls, the bone structure, the richness of her skin tone— the eye wants to focus on every feature all at once. Ian shows off his ability to highlight to the gawds in this portrait, along with an evident appreciation for his subject. Just look at the attention paid to her lips and the slope of her nose.

These are just a few of Ian Wade’s breathtaking digital artworks. There are even more stunners on Ian’s IG, @dracanima_art. What’s your favorite?

@dracanima_art/Ian Wade

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