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This Artist Re-Imagined What Classic Disney Characters Might Look Like In Real Life

Fernanda Suarez, a Chilean digital artist, has developed stunning pieces with Photoshop. She’s created several products like calendars and board games. But, Fernanda’s most recent work is extraordinary. She envisioned Disney characters and how they would look in real life today. These princesses are more relatable and awesome than ever!

Arabian Nights

For each Disney photo Fernanda drew, she used tiny details like accessories and clothes to pay tribute to the original films. Look at her drawing of Jasmine from Aladdin. Fernanda incorporates Jasmine’s flowing black hair and classic gold earrings, as well as her blue off-the-shoulder top. The artist even included an orange tabby cat to represent Jasmine’s pet tiger, Rajah.

Facebook / Fernanda Suarez

Down The Rabbit Hole

The artist takes fans back to Wonderland with her digital drawing of Alice. Fernanda stays true to Alice’s appearance with her blonde hair and blue eyes, along with her outfit. However, she gives the character a bit of a rebel look with a tattoo that reads, “We’re All Mad Here,” a line from the original film. Of course, the Mad Hatter’s tea party is represented with a mock Starbucks cup.

Facebook / Fernanda Suarez

God Of The Underworld

Hades appears as his ever sly and conniving self in this drawing, just like in Hercules. Fernanda, of course, draws his signature flaming blue hair and his piercing yellow eyes. She also included a lighter, representing Hades’ power of fire. The villain is also decked out in a blue-gray top, modernized for today’s world.

Facebook / Fernanda Suarez

It’s Better Under The Sea

Fernanda stays true to The Little Mermaid by drawing Ariel’s classic lavender seashell bra, drawing a sheer top to go over it. She also gives the former mermaid green pants (alluding to Ariel’s tail), a shell necklace and a peek at a tattoo of a crab, representing the character’s friend and guardian, Sebastian. And Fernanda couldn’t forget Ariel’s red hair.

Facebook / Fernanda Suarez

Long Live The King

What would Scar be without his actual scar? Of course, Fernanda draws in that major detail for this villain from The Lion King. There are other small details that stand out too, like Scar’s t-shirt that reads “Long Live The King,” his final words before killing Mufasa. There’s also a tattoo of the actual lion on his neck. If you look closely, you can see glimpses of his hyena followers in the background, along with the fire from the final scenes of the movie.

Facebook / Fernanda Suarez

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