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This Artist’s Rendering Of Disney Princesses Tell Us Something Important About Living With A Disability

Disney princesses have served as role models and inspiration for little girls around the world. Now, artist Arien Smith has reimagined the princesses to unveil an important message about disability advocacy and visibility. The series, titled “Royal Service Dogs” depicts popular princesses with disabilities being assisted by service dogs. With his art, Smith aims to raise awareness about how service dogs can support those with disabilities.

Glass Slipper Assistance

Princess Cinderella is being assisted by her service dog in this illustration, as the dog helps her take off her glass slippers. This is because Cinderella has fibromyalgia. This condition, characterized by widespread muscle pain and tenderness, altered sleep, fatigue, and altered sleep, can be very disabling. Luckily, Cinderella has her service dog by her side.

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Sleepytime Support

Aurora of Sleeping Beauty is shown in this illustration suffering from narcolepsy. This neurological condition has a great effect on sleep and awakeness, where people may suddenly fall asleep without warning. Here, Aurora’s service dog, whose name is Spindle, lovingly supports her head while she experiences a daytime sleepiness episode. 

Facebook / Royal Service Dogs: Advocacy and Art

Purposeful Pawing

It’s not too visible, but Pocahontas here has diabetes. Her service dog assists Pocahontas by pawing or nudging her if her blood sugar reaches levels that are too high or too low. When someone has diabetes, their body is unable to produce or respond to insulin, which results in possibly dangerous levels of glucose in the blood.

Facebook / Royal Service Dogs: Advocacy and Art

Service Dog On Guard

Here, we see one of the most celebrated Disney princesses, Belle from Beauty in the Beast. Only, this princess has a disorder that isn’t so obvious: Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Belle’s service dog helps her by staying on alert. If someone were to approach Belle from behind, her service dog is there to warn her if necessary.

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Helping To Create Calm

In this illustration, princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog is depicted with autism. Her service dog, although little, helps Tiana immensely. She comforts Tiana and gives her a sense of calmness when Tiana feels anxious. Many people on the autistic spectrum need assistance, although the service dog tasks may not be so overt.

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