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The Photobombs in the Background of These Pics are Impossible to Ignore

Did you know that this year alone, people will create more than one trillion photographs? That means that among the really good ones, there are a bunch of photos that didn’t turn out as they were intended, like the ones that we’re going to share with you where the background information is far more relevant than the photographer intended. They’re hilarious and classic photobombs. Enjoy!

The Swan Comes A Calling


You wanted to take a picture of your nice dinner. The swan came to remind you that you owe The Godfather a debt and it is always watching.

Hurting Elmo’s Pride


Sure, Woody looks happy with a new friend, but poor Elmo there in the background, he looks absolutely distraught to be left out. That makes us sad.

Getting Cosy With A Basketball Star


They thought they were showing off their new t-shirts. Little did they know that one of them was getting much closer to a sports star than they might be comfortable with.

Dude, It’s Food!


The happy couple would probably have been quite surprised to see the look on this guy’s face as he brings over plates of food. He was obviously trying to avert a food disaster as a small child seems to have attacked from out of nowhere!

Little Boy, Learn To Love Thyself


Bless her, but she’s been upstaged by the little lad in the back there, who is so enamored with his reflection that he is kissing it!

Telling It Like It Is


It might take a moment to notice it, but when you do you’ll never see the couple in the foreground of this shot ever again.

Making A Splash


This gentleman is just not hunky enough to detract from the lady who is about to have a very unfortunate moment in the pool. Sorry dude.

Dolphin Crashes Wedding


A wedding dress would normally make you the star of the show, but it’s fair to say that when a dolphin turns up, you lose.

She Caught The Bouquet


It’s a wedding party. She caught the bouquet. Can you guess who the chap next to her is? That’s right, he’s her boyfriend.

Worst Photobomb Ever


This would be a wonderful image of two people having an amazing time if it weren’t for the weirdo in the middle staring at the ceiling.

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