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Texas Cop Dressed as Batman Arrests Shoplifter Outside Wal-Mart

The Caped Crusader made an appearance this week in Fort Worth, Texas arresting a shoplifter outside Wal-Mart. Donned as Batman, Police Officer Damon Cole, was in the middle of attending a charity event when the incident happened.

Officer cole

Officer Damon Cole

The event, which focused on child safety in the community, was halted when a man dressed in everyday casual wear set the alarm off when walking out of the mall. Officer Cole spotted the alleged thief walking to his car in the parking lot and stopped him for an inquiry.

According to a report in the Dallas News, Officer Cole the man that “I want you to know I have this Batman costume on but I’m an off-duty police officer.” The scene was witnessed by many, including Anthony Drake, who happens to work as a Wal-Mart Community Involvement Member.

Officer Cole

Wow Amazing

Caught off guard, the shoplifter, insisted he didn’t steal anything but eventually admitted taking four DVDs which he said was “for his son’s birthday”, as reported on Good News Network. To add to the humor of the incident, the DVD included The LEGO Batman Movie.

The Dallas News also added that “the man was (only) given a citation because the DVDs were valued at less than $100.” Amused by the incident, the suspect asked if he could have a selfie taken with the costumed cop because according to reports from, he said ”It’s not every day that you’re arrested by Batman.”

Officer Cole

Fox 11

According to the same media outlet, Officer Cole does not work as a full-time cop because he wants to travel across the country to help cancer patients, especially kids. He sometimes dresses up as the Hulk, Superman, and Iron Man to entertain and educate children. Officer Cole personally pays for all his costumes and hospital visits.

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