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Woman finds ingenious way to deal with old photos of ex after breakup

Photographs are mementos that help us remember some of the best experiences of our lives. But what if some of your best pictures include someone or something you are not so eager to remember? What will you do if one of your greatest adventures includes someone you would rather forget?


Baylee Woodward


One 19-year-old woman had a fabulous way of dealing with it.

Baylee Woodward had a recent breakup with her boyfriend. Sadly, she was having a hard time moving on from that experience, especially since that they were together for the past year. They experienced a lot of traveling and good times together. She even went on to say that he had not only been her boyfriend but he also became her best friend.

baylee woodward

Baylee Woodward

Making things worse was that he was in most of her photos, making it even harder for her to forget about her previous relationship. Her clever solution was simple. Photoshop!

According to an interview with Diply, Woodward thought that the pictures were too gorgeous and memorable to be deleted. “It was hard to have all those pictures from such fabulous places with him in (them).”

“I always see girls delete all these amazing pictures because their boyfriend’s in it, and I get so sad for them” she adds. What she did was to superimpose Zac Efron’s face in place of her boyfriend’s.

baylee woodward

Baylee Woodward

Despite a lack in her Photoshop mastery, Woodward still managed to pull it off and the results were hilarious.

Zac Efron’s expressions on her photos were spot on and they updated photos couldn’t have been better. She said that by doing this, it not only helped her move on from the breakup but also enabled her to keep her precious travel photos. Besides, “Who wouldn’t love a vacay with Zac?” she said.

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