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These Are Some Of The Best Looks From The Wackiest Beard Competition Of All Time

The British Beard and Moustache Championship brings together the best and most exotic beards from across the world. People of all ages, genders, races, and creeds are encouraged to participate. They give out annual awards for the longest beards in different categories, but they also have more creative entries. These are the 5 wildest beards we’ve come across.

Mr. Eiffel Tower

Danny Lawson entered his French-inspired beard in the 2018 competition. We think it must have been in the freestyle category. It really is one of the most interesting beards we have ever seen. Somehow, he was able to shape his natural whiskers to look like the Eiffel Tower! You don’t always need a full beard to steal the show, though.

Danny Lawson/PA

Whispy Whiskers

The annual competition isn’t just for full beards. They have partial beard and mustache categories, too. That’s where this man’s whispy whiskers came into play. It’s hard getting such thin pieces of hair to stay so straight. We applaud the patience it must have taken to achieve this look. However, it has to be noted that some looks do take longer than others.

Greg Anderson Photos

Under The Sea

Siri Nelson took home the title for the best handmade creative beard at the competition in 2016. This wacky creation was centered around an aquatic theme, if you can’t tell. We think it is so awesome that a woman took home this award. It’s always fun to see what different people come up with…which is what you could call this next creation. Different.


A New Twist

This beautiful, gray masterpiece is another example of a freestyle beard entry. This contestant somehow combined the ability to make whispy whiskers straight with the ability to have them hold curls. While this style isn’t necessarily unique, his particular creation looks especially difficult to achieve. If you’re looking for something a bit more out of the box, take a look at this last entry.

PA Wire/PA Images

Man Meets Bird

Some of our favorite contestants are the ones that use their beards to turn themselves into animals. By far the most creative one of the 2018 competition was this bird-inspired look. We just love the way he embraced the entire persona of the bird. Even his outfit and facial expression are on point!

Greg Anderson Photos

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