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Photos That Prove That When the Boss is Away, The Employees Will Play

Bosses: if you’ve ever wondered what it is that people do when you’re not around, we have the answer for you. They pretend to be animals using The Office Safari and we think you’ll agree that the results are brilliant even if they don’t improve the bottom line.

They’re Meerly Playing At Teamwork

This team decided that they’d rather be meerkats than accountants. Who can blame them? Not us. Life probably adds up better from that position.

Just Monkeying Around

We’ve all had co-workers that we were positive were as much monkey as they were human, and this chap’s just proving that it’s possible to be both at once.

Get Everyone’s Goat

There’s always one — the guy who charges into meetings and butts heads with everyone. Here he’s found his true form, and it is a goat.

A Suricate Worker

Yes, suricate is another word for meerkat, but it also sounds like “surrogate” making a weak pun for our headline. Thanks to this chap for making that possible.

Where To Send The Bill

If somebody wants to be a monotreme (or a duck-billed platypus, to be specific) they’ve got to expect to be on the receiving end of a bill or two.

Oh The Hu-Manatee

How much work would you get done if you were a manatee? None, we reckon. It would be far too much fun luring ships onto rocks to bother with entering data to the CRM system.

She’s Barking Mad

Maybe she’s had a ruff week? She’s dog tired and wants to play fetch? Whatever, just make sure you throw her a bone before you go home.

Just Bear With Me And This Training Session Will Soon Be Over

You could probably escape this colleague by throwing salmon at him and then running from the room. He’d be unbearable about it later, though.

A Brace Of Happy Birds

They look ready to fly South for Winter. This might be the best way to tell your boss that you’re ready to take some of the vacation time you’ve been stacking up.

Extra Plumage Makes Perfect

This fellow’s haircut adds a certain oomph to his chosen bird. We wonder if he preens in front of the mirror every morning before he gets to work?

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