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Boy Who Survived 22 Brain Surgeries Has Great First Day of Kindergarten

Five-year-old Dylan Lipton-Lesser was born 11 weeks premature, which caused numerous medical complications including several brain conditions such as infections, bleeding, and hydrocephalus – all of which required him to undergo 22 brain surgeries. But he not only survived but he thrived and recently started his first day of kindergarten. Despite some special needs, he had a blast!

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The boy’s doctors were originally not optimistic he would survive but many doubts and five years after, Dylan is one of the many students who started their first day of school this week and his family is beyond thrilled.

“His first day, it was great,” shared India Lipton, Dylan’s mother. “He was a little overwhelmed but it was a little exciting. Things are good enough for him to be at school.”

Dylan may have attended school using a colorful walker for support unlike other children and had to communicate using sign language but it did not hinder him from making friends and having a great first day.

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“His teacher called and said he had a great day and it was amazing!” shared India. “The boys are always thinking of him like their little brother. That’s what happens with Dylan. His personality tends to have kids of all ages cheering him on and really supporting him,” she added.

Dylan’s family make it a point to celebrate every single milestone in the toddler’s life, no matter how simple it may seem considering the difficult and almost impossible journey they had to overcome.

India shared that Dylan is still not done with brain surgeries as he still needs to undergo more in the future but they are bent on focusing on the present moment.

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The 5-year-old’s life is not a walk in the park but his mom revealed that apart from his physical and health conditions, Dylan is just like any other kid.

“He’s so full of joy,” his mom said. “He’s a lot of fun. He’s a handful, as all little boys should be.”

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