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Bride Is Completely Stunned After Her Bridesmaids Invite These Surprise Guests

A bride-to-be was so excited to get married to the love of her life. Everything about the wedding was planned out to a tee, and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. But this woman was shocked to see that her loving bridesmaids had one big surprise up their sleeves for her special day!

Finding Mr. Right

Allison Gerding met Kevin Kruger in their hometown of Norman, Oklahoma. While on their first date, they chatted about their upbringing and dreams. They had different lifestyles and worked in different fields, but still found some similarities. One big thing they had in common? Their extreme love of animals. Over time, the two fell in love, which led Kevin to ask Allison a pretty big question.

Facebook / Allison Kruger

Putting A Ring On It

Both Allison and Kevin couldn’t picture living without each other. Though they both were focused on achieving their dreams, Kevin knew he had a good thing. Their future might have been uncertain, but their love and bond were solid. After only a short time of dating, Kevin asked Allison to be his wife. And she happily said yes! Now, the couple had a big wedding to plan.

Planning The Big Day

Kevin and Allison quickly got to work on picking out their outside venue, tasty food, and an extensive guest list. It was a lot of planning that would be overwhelming to any bride and groom. Thankfully though, Allison had her big sis, Liz Jones, working to make sure every detail of the wedding was perfect. Little did she know that Liz had a major surprise for her… one that she would never forget.

A Jaw-Dropping Surprise

When it came down to Allison and Kevin’s ceremony, everything went perfectly. However, Liz couldn’t wait to pull out a gift for her sister. During the wedding pictures, all ten of Allison’s bridesmaids popped through the trees, each holding a puppy! Liz had heard of the couple’s mutual love of animals, especially dogs, and thought this photobomb would be perfect. Allison was so shocked that she actually froze. But it was a very welcomed surprise that the couple would always remember as they started their new life together.

Facebook / Allison Kruger

Happily Ever After

After the photoshoot, Kevin and Allison had to say farewell to the adorable pups. However, their own Golden Labrador was also present, and they were glad to have at least one fur baby left to care for. Since their wedding surprise, the couple has since been pretty content with their little family, though they might be adding another dog to the mix pretty soon.

Facebook / Kevin Kruger

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