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Bride in Tears After Seemingly-Impossible Wedding Surprise

Brittany had always been close with her grandfather, Reverend Ronald Adkins, and it was her dream to have him officiate at her wedding. Unfortunately, he passed away even before she tied the knot, which made her dream impossible to attain.

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Sarah Irvin Photography

Reverend Adkins physical presence on Brittany’s wedding last Saturday may have been impossible but her groom, Jordon Yost, made sure that his bride would have a piece of her grandfather on the most important day of her life – his voice.

When the preacher asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer, it was Reverend Adkins voice that was heard over the loud speaker, praying over the newlyweds and declaring them husband and wife.

“I immediately recognized his voice and started sobbing,” Brittany told Huffington Post. “Different emotions were racing through my head while trying to soak in hearing my grandpa’s voice. I was weak to my knees, chilled, but despite all the tears, I was smiling inside.”

The voice that surprised everyone present was actually an audio recording from Brittany’s sister wedding, which the grandfather reverend officiated.

Sarah Irvin Photography

“My sister, brother, and husband worked together along with a few others to make this happen. Besides the bridal party and those involved, no one knew. Our guests, including myself, were weeping and the emotions and love that flowed through our ceremony was truly touching.”

The beauty of the moment was so powerful that the couple’s own wedding photographer, Sarah Irvin, couldn’t help but be moved. In a Facebook post that included a photograph capturing the touching scene, Sarah wrote:

“I’ve photographed a lot of weddings & this was the most incredible moment I’ve ever had the honor to witness. ‘You may not be here on my wedding day, but in my heart, you’ll always stay,’” she wrote.

Brittany’s wedding story has gone viral, garnering over 100,000 likes.

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