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Kind-Hearted Canadian Woman Helps Desperate Squirrel

Should wild animals be helped or should we let nature take its course? A Canadian woman named Jannet Talbott, decided it was better to help! Ever since she was small, she would bring home animals in need. As an adult, she has found homes for more than 40 dogs and fosters four others herself.

Bucky, The Saber Squirrel

Talbott lives on a ranch and is used to seeing all kinds of domestic and wild animals. One day, a particular squirrel caught her eye. It was eating bird food from her feeder, but he had something strange on his face: his own tooth. Talbott started thinking about this squirrel she named Bucky every day.

Jannet Talbott

Life-Threatening Condition

Rodent teeth grow their entire lives, but the teeth wear themselves down through constant use. Bucky’s jaw was misaligned so his teeth grew unimpeded and became a serious health hazard. He couldn’t chew correctly, so he risked starving and having his teeth continually scratch his face and mouth.


A Lost Cause

Talbott spent a few sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to help Bucky. Just a few days later, she caught Bucky while he was in the feeder. Her first instinct was to take him to a vet, but she thought the vet would decide he was a lost cause.

Jannet Talbott

Internet To The Rescue

Using the internet, Talbott discovered rodents have no feeling in their teeth. The best way to save Bucky would be to cut off his teeth. She swaddled Bucky and cut away his teeth with a cuticle trimmer. Bucky stayed totally relaxed the entire time. Talbott is sure he knew she was trying to help him.


Guardian Angel

After releasing Bucky, he couldn’t stop rubbing his face. He was so relieved to have his teeth a normal size again. He comes back to Talbott’s bird feeders pretty often but eats more nuts than bird food. Talbott keeps a close eye on him. She is ready to help him again when he needs it.

Jannet Talbott

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