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Man Raises Money So Best Friend With Cancer Can Finally Get Hitched

In June 2017, Lewis Thomas Davies was out walking with his fianceé Alicia when he collapsed due to a seizure. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors found a lump on his brain. He was admitted for surgery and doctors were able to remove 90% of the tumor.

Lewis is a fun-loving, kind, and generous man from Philipstown in Caerphilly, Wales. Unfortunately, though, cancer doesn’t consider the goodness of the people it affects; it discriminates against no one.

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When he returned to the hospital a few weeks later, Lewis received some horrible news. Doctors told him that he had high-grade glioma, which is an incurable form of cancer. The prognosis? Two years to live.

An Amazing Friendship

While his prognosis was dim at best, one thing that Lewis is fortunate to have is an amazing best friend.

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Jamie Pritchard says that he’s been friends with Lewis since they were four years old, and he was determined to help him however he could.

“I was heartbroken when I found out Lewis was diagnosed, devastated,” Jamie said. “I didn’t want to believe it when I was told about his diagnosis. Even today, I still can’t get my head around the fact my best friend of 21 years is going to die.” Jamie decided to set up an online fundraising campaign for Lewis to help pay for his treatment, help others with a similar fate, and perhaps most touchingly, help him to marry his fianceé that he’d be engaged to for eight years.


“I set up the campaign so Lewis will have the best chance of extending his life. Lewis will be able to search for treatment abroad to help extend his life,” said Jamie. “We want Lewis to live his life to the fullest and spend more time with his family and his friends.

Going Forward

Jamie says that Lewis has a positive attitude and is committed to beating his incurable cancer. He often comments that there’s only one direction he can go: Forward. Jamie plans to set up a music festival to raise additional funds for Lewis’s treatment, and they also plan to get matching tattoos that say “Mind Over Matter”.

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“Lewis has always put another people first, but I think for once we need to put him first now,” shares best friend Jamie. “He brightens up other people’s lives when they are having a bad day. He is that type of person who will make your life better for just having him in your life.”

As sad as Lewis’s life changing news was, he can at the very least count himself lucky to have amazing friends and family that care about him dearly.

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