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Famous Chinese Cosplay Model Reveals Secret That Shocks Fans

Cosplay is a really big deal in Asia. In fact, it’s been a huge thing in China and Japan for decades before our own ComiCon fans had even thought of it. Alice Haoge is one of China’s biggest cosplay models and her images are among the most shared in the country, but she has a big surprise for her fans that we’ll share with you shortly…

Pulling Off The French Maid With Ease

The French maid is a key part of Manga-style fiction and while Manga originates in Japan, it has a huge following in China and Taiwan too.

The Innocent Bedroom Look

There is a fine line that most cosplayers want to walk. They want to exert the sexuality and the innocence of Manga art. We think Alice has it nailed here.

The Beach Bunny

This is Alice chilling out on the beach as part of a photoshoot that drove her fans wild, but what’s so special about Alice that could shock a nation?

Nothing New Here

Asia has a well-recognized tradition of Alice’s hobby. In the Philippines she would be known as a bakla and in Thailand as a katoey.

Otoko No Ko

In China, the right words are “otoko no ko.” That means “male daughter.” Yes, that’s right; Alice is not a genetic female and that’s what caused so much surprise. Communism is very big on equality between men and women, but not so much for other forms of equality such as LGBT rights. This is odd, because until China became communist, there was nothing to tolerate. Nobody had an issue with LGBT people. It’s important to note that Alice is not transgender. She is a cross-dresser. That is, she’s a man who likes to dress up as a woman and not a man who intends to become a woman.

All Man

This is Alice when she’s not being Alice. Yes, she’s a perfectly ordinary Chinese man, though with a slightly feminine style.

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