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Local Church Helps Raise Money for Family Expecting Sextuplets

Solitude Baptist Church hosted a fundraising event to help an expectant couple get financial support for their sextuplets. Courtney and Eric already have three young boys and decided to add another child to their growing family.


Suffering from a few miscarriages, the couple underwent fertility treatments to have a successful conception. To their surprise, not only did Courtney become pregnant, but she became pregnant with six babies, growing their family to eleven in an instant. Interviewed by Inside Edition Courtney said: “We’re excited, nervous, overwhelmed.”

The local church already had several events in line to raise funds for the family. They also have an online donation plan to assist the couple with their needs. Pastor Joey Cannady said that the church: “is prepared to help them with food, (and) help them with financial arrangements.” The best part about the church donation drive is: “We have a team of people already lined up to hold babies.” The pastor said.



One exciting event the church had was the gender reveal which aimed to raise additional funds for the family. The event was concluded with a bunch of boxes containing roman candles to reveal the gender of the fetuses. Fireworks revealed if the baby was a boy or girl and it turns out to be 3 boys and 3 girls.

The thrilled mom eagerly said “Oh my gosh! I am so excited! Oh my gosh! Three boys and three girls – it couldn’t be more perfect.”

Multiple pregnancy is not an everyday occurrence most especially those involving three or more developing infants. Courtney and Eric’s use of fertility treatment increased the chances of having multiple gestation as the medicine prompted her ovaries to create many eggs. The simultaneous fertilization of eggs resulted in multiple babies.


William Thornton/AL

Eric is a landscaping company owner while Courtney is a first grade schoolteacher. Their local church is helping them raise funds for their expenses including the coming delivery for the sextuplets and raising costs for all their growing kids. People who wish to donate can visit the church’s website and fill up the online donation form.

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