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This Couple Received Life-Changing News Just a Week after Adopting Triplets

Andy and Sarah Justice

Andy and Sarah Justice dreamed of having children and were confident they would be the best parents. After several years of trying to conceive, however, their efforts proved completely futile but the struggle made them all the more determined to fight harder. That’s when the sweet and hopeful couple turned to adoption as their final option. However, once again, the Justices were met with heartbreaking and frustrating hurdles along the way. Then one day they received a call that started a chain of unexpected and life-changing events. They believed their prayers were answered when a mother decided to let the couple adopt her triplets, but just a week after adopting the bundles of joy, Andy and Sarah received even more dramatic news that would change everything once again. Read out to find out what happened — You don’t want to miss this one!

1. Marriage Bliss

Sarah and Andy Justice led a beautiful and happy marriage together. They believed the secret to a happy marriage was to build a solid relationship based on communication and kindness, an example they wanted to set for their future family together.

Andy and Sarah Justice Happy Couple

The happy couple always knew they wanted to become parents and start a family. After three years of marriage, it got to the point where they started to feel like something was missing in their lives, so Sarah and Andy decided to finally try for kids.

2. Easier Said Than Done

After trying to get pregnant for quite some time, it just wasn’t happening for the Justices. Sarah and Andy didn’t think it would be so complicated to conceive a baby, but they were quickly realizing something wasn’t right for them.

Struggling to Get Pregnant

The struggle and frustration started straining the happy couple, and they were worried their marriage was at stake. In order to avoid any tension, the Justices decided to visit a fertility doctor to talk about their options for having a baby.

3. Road Trip

Andy and Sarah Justice were soon faced with another hurdle: they couldn’t find a good fertility specialist in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their next best bet was to find a highly-recommended specialist somewhere else in the country. Eventually, they found a doctor who could help them in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fertility Doctor in St. Louis

Traveling across state lines to Missouri definitely wasn’t convenient for the Justices with their lives set up in Oklahoma, but they were determined to have children of their own and wouldn’t let any amount of distance stand in their way.

4. Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

After a six hour drive from their home in Tulsa, the Justices reached the fertility specialist’s office in St. Louis in the hopes of finding a solution to get pregnant. They were sure he would figure out what the issue was and come up with the best solution for the couple.

Andy and Sarah Justice

However, the visit to the clinic didn’t turn out to be as successful as the Justices had anticipated. They learned that Sarah’s chances of getting pregnant were very small, but the doctor had some other unfortunate news to break to the hopeful couple.

5. In Vitro Fertilization

The fertility specialist discussed the option of in vitro fertilization with the Justices, but explained that it was an extremely invasive process and that Sarah’s chances of getting pregnant still remained very low, around 10 percent. Besides for being really invasive, in vitro fertilization (IVF) falls on the pricier side ranging from about $12,000-$15,000 for a basic cycle.

In Vitro Fertilization

Moreover, insurance doesn’t cover this kind of procedure, so the Justices would have to fork out about $30,000 to $60,000. “We took that as a ‘no,'” Andy told Tulsa World. But all wasn’t lost, and the Justices thought about another plan: adoption!

6. The Reality of Adoption

The Justices really believed they had everything in them to become wonderful parents and were very determined. Hence, adoption was the next best option. The adoption process was far from simple. After the Justices completed the application process with the agency, they had to endure a home study and a series of nerve-racking interviews.

Andy and Sarah Justice

All Sarah and Andy wished for was to find the perfect match with a prospective mother, and after several intense interviews, the couple felt really weary and drained. Just as they were about to give up, one woman finally decided to let the couple adopt her baby.

7. Broken Promises

Once the Justices received the good news, they waited in anticipation for the adoption to go through so they could finally hold their baby in their arms. The pain of not being able to conceive naturally somewhat dissipated at the thought of getting the opportunity to adopt a beautiful baby.

The Justices Adopting a Baby

Then, just as Sarah and Andy thought the wait was over, the birth mom backed out at the last minute and decided to keep her baby. This heartbreaking news left the Justices devastated, but they decided to move on and try again. Little did they know, many surprises were about to come their way; surprises they could never have imagined in their wildest dreams.

8. Throwing Yet Another Spanner in the Works

Still, in the throes of heartache and despair, the sweet couple decided to push on with the adoption process. The adoption agency knew the Justices still wanted to adopt a baby and found another birth mother for them. They hoped and prayed that this one would work out.

Sarah Justice

However, just as the adoption was about to go through, the second birth mother also changed her mind at the last minute. Was this some kind of joke? Sarah and Andy were about to throw in the towel, but something told them to persevere just a little longer. And what do you know, soon after the birth mother backed out, the Justices received a life-changing phone call.

9. The Call

When two birth mothers back out at the last minute, it certainly wasn’t easy. “It was very hard to get our hopes up like that and then be disappointed and have to start all over,” Sarah lamented to the Tulsa World in an interview.

Andy and Sarah Justice

Just when the couple thought all hope was lost, the agency called with exciting news. There was a pregnant mother who wanted the Justices to be the parents of her unborn child. The Justices were afraid to get disappointed yet again, but something told them this birth mother was serious.

10. Not One…But Three!

The Justices were thrilled to learn that the expectant mother wanted them present at her first ultrasound. Clearly, she was serious if she wanted Sarah and Andy there with her. Well, luckily they were, as something peculiar showed up on the ultrasound monitor.

Ultrasound Showing Triplets

When the doctor scanned the mother’s womb, not one but three strong heartbeats showed up. Three babies?! It all seemed like a dream – they struggled to have one baby and were now going to have three little tots. “It’s everything we wanted,” Sara exclaimed, and therefore they decided to go through with the adoption process.

11. Three’s Company

Andy and Sarah were over the moon to be getting not one, but three babies at once. Despite all the challenges that would come with raising three infants, the Justices were happy they could avoid all the red tape surrounding adoption. They only had to endure the long and tricky process once by adopting triplets, and that was music to their ears.

Adoption Agency

Now that they were getting three babies in one go, the couple got to work on the house and bought several cribs and strollers. All they could do now was wait patiently for the big day to arrive, which came about sooner than they thought.

12. An Early Arrival

In May 2013, the birth mother went into labor eight weeks early. Sarah and Andy Justice raced to the hospital, where they waited to meet their new bundles of joy. After a long and hard labor, the babies were born at 32 weeks weighing in at just 1.3 kilograms (3 pounds) each.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth Justice

The premature triplets had to stay in neonatal care for a few weeks until they grew big enough to leave the hospital. The blissful couple visited their babies every day, giving them the names Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Then, when Sarah was visiting her newborn triplets one morning, she started feeling very nauseous.

13. A Trip to the Doctor

Just a week after the triplets were born, Sarah wasn’t feeling too well. Andy was concerned that the adoption process had taken its toll on Sarah, so they decided to visit a doctor to check on her well being, and to ensure she was healthy before the babies came home.

The Justice Triplets

After thoroughly examining Sarah, the doctor returned with life-changing news: Sarah was not ill; she was pregnant! The Justices could hardly believe their ears. They had struggled to conceive, they just adopted triplets, and now she was pregnant! Well, the doctor still had another bit of marvelous news to tell the couple.

14. Twins!

The doctor revealed that Sarah was pregnant with a set of twins. Andy had once joked about Sarah having twins, and it seemed like he spoke too soon. On receiving the news, Sarah said, “I was shocked and a bit overwhelmed because I got to thinking, added it up and I’m like, wow, if they go to term, we’re about [to have] five babies in eight months.”


Sarah went on to say that she and her husband were so elated and told The Today Show that “it was something [they’ve] been dreaming of and longing for years.” Going from zero to five babies in eight months was insane. So, what did this mean for the triplets? Could the Justices handle so many babies?

15. Growing Family

Other couples might have been stressed at the thought of having five babies under the age of one, but not the Justices! They saw the humor in the whole scenario and decided to take on the challenge with absolutely no reservations.

The Justice Twins

“It was more than a little ironic,” Andy told Tulsa World. However, the couple didn’t want to give up on the triplets. “Having a number of children is a dream come true. When you wait for something you appreciate it that much more when you get it,” Sarah told Australian parenting site Babyology. The Justices didn’t know it yet, but there were more incredible surprises to come.

16. Andrew and Abigail

By the time Sarah went into labor with the twins seven months later, the Justices were already getting used to life with the triplets, sleepless nights and all. After a long labor, the couple welcomed Andrew and Abigail to the world and to their growing family.

Andrew and Abigail Justice

Andy and Sarah couldn’t have been happier or felt more blessed. They were going to be in for one heck of a ride with five babies in the Justice household. It was a huge adjustment for them, but luckily they didn’t feel alone for one minute.

17. Helping Hands

Everything was going well with the new triplets and twins, but Sarah and Andy could barely get in a bit of shut-eye. “We don’t sit down much either,” Andy told newspaper the Tulsa World. That’s when the Tulsa community stepped in to offer help and support. Tulsa’s Eastland Baptist Church donated cooked meals and baby formula for the new family of seven.

Helping Andy and Sarah Justice

Friends and family also helped by taking babysitting shifts so the couple could rest and go to work. Donations poured in from all over Oklahoma, which was a great help for the Justices, as they were going through 84 bottles and 300 diapers a week. Having five babies also changed other things in the household.

18. Tricks of the Trade

As the babies got bigger, it was getting harder to get around with so many babies, so the Justices decided to invest in a bigger van. “I had no idea just how difficult it would be to go anywhere,” Andy said. Well, thanks to all the donations, they were able to upgrade.

Telling the Difference Between the Triplets and Twins

Another tricky thing Andy and Sarah had to deal with was telling the babies apart and figuring out each one’s eating and changing schedule. The Justices painted the triplets’ toenails in different nail polish colors to distinguish them from one another, and when their toes were covered, they placed pink bow headbands on opposite sides of the girls’ heads to tell them apart.

19. Going Viral

The Justice’s remarkable story caught wind pretty quickly. They became internet sensations overnight, as people were impressed at how Andy and Sarah were coping with five small babies. People were eager to know everything about the new family of seven.

Justice Family Story Goes Viral

The Justice’s Facebook following grew exponentially, with people from all over keen to see pictures of the triplets and twins. “We’re not the only family with multiple sets of multiples,” Sarah said to Tulsa World when commenting on the attention. “I don’t know if we’re interesting. We’re busy, I can tell you that.” Seems like Sarah spoke too soon, as shortly after their story went viral, things were about to get way more interesting for the Justices.

20. Pregnant Again!

In 2015, just when Andy and Sarah thought they hand their hands full (literally), Sarah discovered that she was pregnant again. Once again, they saw the humor in it, thinking: what’s another baby if you’ve already had five children in one year.

Sarah Justice Pregnant Again

This time, however, Sarah was pregnant with one baby. Having another baby was going to offer some unique challenges, but the other kids were now toddlers, so it wasn’t going to be too bad, right? The Justices were of the same opinion saying, “It was something we’ve wanted so badly that we love it. We just really love having these children.”

21. Caleb

In January 2016, the Justices welcomed their baby boy and first single-birth baby, Caleb, into the world. They were so ecstatic they wrote “God is good!” on their Facebook wall when replying to all the well-wishes and greetings for their newborn son.

Caleb Justice

Around the time he was born, the triplets were almost three years old and the twins about two and a half. The Justices didn’t seem to mind that they had six babies under the age of three in their care; it just meant things were about to get even more busy and interesting.

22. Multiple Babies, Multiple Blessings

Raising a family of multiple multiples can definitely be trying at times. After all, they were raising enough kids to make up almost half a soccer team! However, they always remind themselves that it’s what they wanted so badly, a large family.

Daily Routines

When it rains, it pours, and the Justices were clearly being showered with multiple blessings after years of heartache and distress. So, how do the Justices actually keep order with six tiny tots running around? Sarah opened up to Babyology about all her parenting tricks and secrets.

23. A Family That Potty Trains Together, Stay Together!

Sarah doesn’t mind being really busy with hardly a moment to herself as a mother of six. In fact, she’s eternally grateful to have so many kids. She told Babyology that most of the kids were out of diapers by the time Caleb was born, so it made things somewhat easier.

The Justice Family Van

However, we all know how difficult potty training can be with even just one child, so imagine achieving that with five kids at the same life stage! All it meant was that a huge chunk of the Justice’s day was devoted to toilet breaks and training. Potty training wasn’t the only challenge, though.

24. Sleepy Time

Many changes took place for the Justices when their family grew to such a large size. One of the biggest challenges was changing the way the children slept while slowly transitioning them from cribs to toddler beds by the time Caleb was born.

A Day in the Lives of the Justices

“Having five in toddler beds is an adventure. But we are getting there,” Sarah said of the new sleeping arrangement. The Justices kept very patient and eventually managed to get all five babies sleeping in toddler beds, which was a huge feat.

25. Keeping a Schedule

The Justices run quite a tight ship to keep everything in order for their kids. They have come to learn how important it is to stay organized at all times with so many children, and they figured out an efficient system to achieve that.

Kids Doing Household Chores

The family kicks off the day with a morning stroll and breakfast followed by play dates with family and friends. Sarah also ensures that they all help with the household chores so that everything remains in place every day and the children learn valuable life lessons.

26. Doting on Caleb

By the time Caleb was born, Sarah and Andy already found things so much easier. What’s more, his five siblings absolutely adore their youngest brother. Sarah told Tulsa World: “He has the best fan club ever and we cannot imagine life without the sweetest, most loved little guy in the world.”

Doting on Caleb

The toddlers enjoy hugging, kissing, squeezing, and playing with their baby brother Caleb all day long, which means Andy and Sarah never have to worry about Caleb feeling left out. With only a three-year age gap, it’s no wonder they all get on.

27. One Unit

Another benefit of having so many kids under one roof is that no one gets left out. Sarah shared her thoughts on this to Babyology saying, “We never lack playmates and work to promote love and care between the siblings.” The Justices are so happy all the siblings get on well.

One Family Unit

Sarah believes what gives her peace of mind is that her kids will always have friends and someone to rely on at school, whether it’s finding someone to sit with at lunch or in class. “Our children will always have a friend and will never need to feel lonely,” she exclaimed.

28. Fourth of July

Look how close the triplets, twins, and their little brother Caleb look huddled together on the Fourth of July dressed in matching outfits! It really doesn’t get any cuter than this. You can see how much they love one another and how close they are.

The Justice Children on the Fourth of July

The family loves taking family portraits on Christmas and on all the holidays, but every day is a fun day for them no matter what. Their Facebook page is filled with loads of adorable pictures of the kids making special memories together.

29. Out and About

It’s not easy going on outings with the kids having to order six of everything – or eight if you count Andy and Sarah – but they seem to have a smile on their faces each time. The kids experience everything any other child does, as their parents make sure of it.

The Justices Out for Ice-Cream

Going out for ice cream is one of the highlights of the Justice clan’s day and they make sure to document those beautiful everyday moments on social media. Just look at them munching on their ice cream cones together. These adorable times together are the very reason why their story went viral on the web.

30. Love Is All You Need

It’s pretty amazing to see how the family’s story unfolded. They started out believing they could never conceive children their own to having three beautiful adopted triplets and three biological children of their own. Andy and Sarah would have been happy to have just one baby, and that’s why they so deserve these six little blessings.

The Justice Clan

“They bring a great deal of joy to our lives and we enjoy watching them love life,” the Sarah and Andy told Babyology. Their story proves how just a little hope and perseverance goes a long way and pays off in the end, big time!

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