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These Cringeworthy Photos Will Have You Questioning Humanity

A crime against humanity is a deliberate act that causes human suffering or death. The frustrations captured in these cringeworthy photos may not cause suffering or death, but it can sure feel like it at times. I mean, who doesn’t get ticked off when the giant Christmas tree at the mall is off center? You won’t believe the cringe-worthiness of some of these.

I Will Not Have A Merry Christmas Now


I wonder how many people walked into this mall excited to do some Christmas shopping and to their horror came across this off-center tree. I’d run home too.

How Does This Even Happen?

Cringeworthy Photos


Please tell me how this even happens. It’s a mystery. If I found my keys like this, I’d throw them and then throw them again.


But Would You Fall For It?


I have no idea what time this clock actually reads. I wonder how many people would sit there and try to make sense of it.

This Is Just Wrong


If I walked into a public restroom and saw this toilet paper, I’d quadruple up before wiping. Who would do such a thing to us?

Don’t Trust A Man Who Carries Pizza This Way


Who would carry pizza like this? If I saw this on the street, I’d be compelled to ask them what in the entire heck they’re doing.

That’s Just Cruel


Let this be a lesson to you. Never piss off the mailman. He has the power to kill off all your favorite plants and flowers. Murderer.


This Seriously Always Happens


That moment you go to give your friend some of your drink, but instead spill it all over yourself because humanity hasn’t evolved enough to fix this problem (This happens too often).

This Sock-arf Needs To Disappear Forever


It’s disheartening to see such a lack of creativity these days. I dub this “the laziest scarf ever made.” It should be burned. The fire you make to burn the sock-scarf will keep you warm. Hey, problem solved!

This Makes My Head Hurt


How does this even happen? Were they intoxicated while tiling? Cover it with a mat. Do something. It’s way too chaotic for any person’s mind.

This Can’t Be Real


I’d lose my appetite if I saw this. The “best by” date should be on the packaging, not the bun itself. Real intelligent, guys.

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