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Meet Stella, The Cutest Pet Kinkajou In The West

Most folks like to keep dogs or cats as pets, and that’s fine for just about everyone. But some people like something a little more unusual. Those people include Justin and Samantha Powell. They hit up a breeder of exotic animals and came home with Stella the kinkajou!

What’s A Kinkajou?

Let’s be clear about this — kinkajous are not in the remotest bit endangered. Having an endangered animal as a pet is not only stupid, but illegal. Stella is 100% legal.


Kinkajous are South American animals often called “honey bears,” and they are the only known member of the genus Potos.

Fruit Appeal

Kinkajous are omnivorous, which means they can eat pretty much anything. However, scientists tell us that they pretty much only eat fruit. Figs are their favorites. They also only come out at night.


They are vital to the well-being of the jungles in which they live because the seeds of plants are dispersed when they defecate. This means that plant species are spread fairly throughout the rainforest.

The Pros and Cons

The kinkajou is a good pet, but you have to careful with them. The upside is that they are playful and usually pretty docile, and they don’t make any loud noises or smell.


The downside is that they can become aggressive, particularly if you wake them during the day or make a sudden loud noise. This can result in a pretty nasty bite. Fortunately, the Powell family are aware of this and Stella’s never given them any trouble at all. Stella is likely to be with them for a very long time. The average lifespan of a kinkajou in captivity is 23 years, though the longest-lived kinkajou on record was 41 years old! The good news is that Stella will remain as cute as ever throughout her lifetime.

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