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Dad Turns Daughter’s Drawings Into Adorable School Lunches

Most parents are proud of their children’s creative drawings. They hang them up on the fridge to show off to others, but this parent took things to another level. Japanese comedian, Takafumi Ozeki, better known as The Geese, decided to make his daughter’s pre-school lunches based on her drawings. We selected our five favorite lunches. Which one is your favorite?

Cheetah Riding a Zebra

This drawing is probably supposed to be a cheetah with a friendly zebra, and Ozeki creatively turned the drawing into her nutritious lunch. Of course, he added more vegetables for a complete meal, but he nailed this design. This must have been a fun surprise to his daughter when she opened her lunchbox!

@geeseojeck via Twitter

Dora The Explorer As Sushi

Not many parents can turn their children’s drawings into a sushi creation, but this father can. Ozeki turned his daughter’s drawing of Dora the Explorer into an edible sushi lunch. He added more delicious, nutritious food for a fulfilling meal. This lunch is almost too cute to eat!

@geeseojeck via Twitter

Cutest Penguin Ever

This lunch is the most adorable creation of a penguin we have ever seen. Seriously, this may be too cute to eat. We hope Ozeki’s daughter was surprised when she opened her lunchbox to see this happy penguin in her lunch. Hopefully, she saved it to be the last thing she ate!

@geeseojeck via Twitter

Mmmm… Delicious Squiggle Hair

Ozeki certainly is creative with the way he turns his daughter’s drawings into her pre-school lunches. The lunch is a near-perfect replica of the drawing, even with the squiggly hair and the figure sticking out her tongue. We hope his daughter appreciates all of the work her father puts into her lunches!

@geeseojeck via Twitter

Yummy Twins

It could be difficult to create just one figure out of food, but nothing is too hard for Ozeki. He created two Japanese girls out of sushi, combining it with her usual rice and vegetables. According to the comedian’s Twitter, he continues to turn his daughter’s drawings into lunch creations. This will probably be a tradition for many years to come.

@geeseojeck via Twitter

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