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Daughter of Slain NYPD Cop Born More Than Two Years After His Death

NYPD Detective Wenjian Liu was assassinated on the night of December 20, 2014, and at the same moment of the tragic incident, Liu’s wife, Sanny, dreamt that her husband was handing her a baby girl.



“I had a dream. I heard a baby crying. He [Wenjian] handed me the baby, saying: ‘Baby here’s the baby. She’s a girl,’” Sanny told CBS New York.

Sanny and Wenjian were only married for three months when Wenjian was shot but Sanny didn’t doubt that her dream would come true, which was why on that tragic night, she requested the doctors to preserve Wenjian’s semen.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, who was at the hospital on the night Wenjian died, shared that the doctors “didn’t know if it was going to work.” He added, “They didn’t know if it was going to be a possibility.”


(Left) Carlo Allegri/Reuters | (Right) NYPD

But now, all doubts have been cast aside after Sanny delivered a healthy baby girl named Angelina, through in-vitro fertilization.

When asked why she chose the name Angelina, Sanny said that the baby is “not only [an] angel from heaven, she’s the angel for the NYPD, for all the police officers. I hope she’ll bring all the hope and strength to my big blue family … helping bring the strength and hope to everybody.”

Sanny said she decided to go through IVF because she wanted Wenjian to have a child, someone who would “carry on his legacy.”

She is already excited to introduce her baby to the NYPD and is waiting for the day she can tell Angelina all about her amazing father. Sanny also told “CBS This Morning” that she will give her necklace with Wenjian’s badge number to her daughter in the future.



“I will show my daughter that her father was a hero. Her father made the ultimate sacrifice to make this world a safer place,” Sanny said.

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