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Family Dog Grabs And Throws Baby, Mom Freezes Until She Discovers Why

Dogs are man’s best friend but they can also be dangerous. Currently, there is a huge debate about whether certain dog breeds can be labeled inherently violent and whether they should be around babies, toddlers, and young children. Catherine Svillicic took the risk of getting a dog that some consider “dangerous” or “aggressive” and it changed her family’s life forever. Their doberman shocked everyone when it started throwing around their baby and nobody could figure out why. Read on to discover the shocking reason the family dog attacked out of nowhere.

1. A Growing Family

The Svillicic family from Cairns, Australia was getting bigger. They had just recently had a baby girl, which they named Charlotte. Charlotte was the world to them. Mother, Catherine Svillicic, would do anything to protect her only daughter.

Doberman Attacks


But what she didn’t know was that the moment to protect her daughter would come much sooner in her life than she thought. It wasn’t from a boy, or from a robber. The source of the danger in little Charlotte’s life would come from somewhere much closer to home.

2. Considering Another Addition

As Charlotte was the family’s only child, her mother wanted to get her a companion: someone who could be with her growing up and someone that Charlotte would be able to share fond memories of her childhood with. But her mother didn’t have another sibling in mind.


Catherine wanted to get Charlotte, who was 17 months old at the time, a canine companion. After all, dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing. A family dog would be able to give Charlotte the love and attention that she deserved when mom was busy.

3. Choosing the Right Dog Breeds

Deciding what kind of family dog to get is always a difficult decision, especially when you have a toddler in the house. Dogs can be unpredictable around small children and may misinterpret the child’s playing as an act of aggression.

Doberman Attacks


When dogs feel like they are being attacked, they will react — whether or not they are actually being attacked or are in danger. Catherine felt confident that they would be able to find a dog that would fit into their blossoming family just fine.

4. Adopting a Family Dog

Catherine decided that the family would be getting a dog. And not just getting a dog, but adopting a dog. She wanted to give a rescue dog a home that it desperately needed so she set off for the local animal shelter.


There was one dog that caught Catherine’s eye: a large Doberman Pinscher. The workers at the animal shelter told the doting mother that the dog had a turbulent past and was scheduled to be put down the following week.

5. The Svillicics Adopt

The family named the Doberman that they adopted Khan, the Mongolian title for a ruler. Some may argue that a Doberman Pinscher is not one of the best dog breeds for a for a household with young children, but Catherine was adamant that she was wanted to adopt Khan.


Had it not been for Catherine, Khan was slated to have been euthanized at the shelter within a matter of days. She was certain that she would be able to train Khan to behave well and that he and little Charlotte would become the best of friends.

6. Keeping A Watchful Eye

Catherine brought the lovable dog home to her family, introducing him to her daughter slowly and cautiously. She herself grew up with a dog, which is why she thought it would be a great idea for her own daughter to have one.

Doberman Attacks

Catherine’s upbringing meant that she knew a thing or two about raising a dog. She felt confident in her  knowledge of how to raise the new furry member of the Svillicic family, Khan. Catherine felt that the dog was brought to her for a reason. If she could have predicted the future, she would have known that was indeed the case.

7. A Dark Past

While at the animal shelter, Catherine spoke to a worker about Khan’s past. It turned out that the dog was purebred and had been purchased from a breeder but neglected. When Khan was brought into the shelter, he was severely malnourished.

doberman attacks

“When Kerry Kinder (Doberinling Boarding Kennels owner) rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs and had been beaten – he was an abused dog,” Mrs. Svillicic said. Should he feel that he or his human is threatened in any way, he could lash out.

8. A Miserable Past

Khan’s start at life only indicated that things could go wrong later. As many know, such a past can lead to violent or hyper-defensive behaviors in a dog but Catherine did not feel that this was an issue with Khan.

Doberman Attacks


“It was borderline on whether or not he should be put down because he was in such a bad way,” she continued. Knowing all of that she just couldn’t let Khan stay at the animal shelter with the possibility that he would be euthanized.

9. The Best Of Friends

Despite Khan’s breed and background, Charlotte and Khan quickly grew to become great friends. Khan followed 17-month-old Charlotte around all over the house and backyard, always keeping an eye on her as if he was her personal bodyguard.


Not once did Khan show any signs of aggression towards Charlotte. On the contrary, he protected her vigilantly. But the thought still lingered in Catherine’s mind that one day something might happen. And then that horrific day came…

10. The Attack

One day Charlotte was outside in the backyard playing with her beloved canine companion when disaster struck and Catherine witnessed the entire incident from the kitchen window, helpless to do anything. It was a situation that is certainly a mother’s worst nightmare.

Doberman Attacks


As Catherine looked out the window she saw Khan begin nudging Charlotte until she fell over. What happened to make the sweet doberman Khan turn violent against his new best friend, Baby Charlotte? The attack didn’t end there.

11. What Happened

After Khan started nudging baby Charlotte, she fell over. Khan quickly latched on to her diaper with his teeth and began violently thrashing her about. Charlotte swung back and forth like a limp ragdoll, unable to do anything.



Catherine stood horrified in the kitchen for what must have felt like forever. Within a second she sprang into action and raced to save her daughter from the attacking Doberman Pinscher. But what happened next would shock her to her core.

12. Sheer Terror

“Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively towards Charlotte-and kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working. So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a meter, like she was a rag doll,” Catherine Svillicic later recalled.



After that, Svillicic added that she heard Khan release a high-pitched scream, like he had been stabbed. Khan then lethargically walked towards the house and when he got inside he collapsed. Svillicic immediately knew that Khan’s life was at risk and jumped into action again.

13. The Aftermath

Catherine sprinted out to help her daughter, running as fast as she ever had before. She saw that her daughter was thrown a few feet by Khan, but she didn’t know whether Charlotte had been bitten or what other injuries she might have received.


But when she got to Charlotte, something very strange happened. Charlotte seemed fine, albeit a bit shaken by what had just occurred. Khan, on the other hand, looked lethargic and slowly fell to the ground. His tongue fell out of his mouth and his eyes closed.

14. Super Mom

Catherine Svillicic knew that she would have to act fast if she was going to save their family dog‘s life. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have even been able to lift Khan due to his size and weight but all that suddenly changed.


Adrenaline was rushing through her body like never before and with near-superhuman strength, she scooped up Khan under one arm and her daughter Charlotte under the other and raced towards the car. What happened next would put all three of their lives at risk.

15. Race Against Time

Within just a matter of a few minutes so many things had transpired that Svillicic didn’t know what to think. Her daughter had been attacked by their family dog and Khan was somehow severely injured and possibly going to die.

Doberman Attacks

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She drove like she had never driven before. Without even thinking, she slammed her foot on the gas and drove as fast as she could, leaving other cars behind in her dust. She made it to the veterinary hospital in record time.

16. Hanging in the Balance

Catherine Svillicic prayed that her lighting fast reaction time and speedy driving would give Khan enough time to be saved. She burst into the hospital and doctors raced to help her. One glance at Khan was enough to tell them that he needed immediate attention.

Doberman Attack

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By this point Khan was fully paralyzed, his body limp and eyes closed. To the doctors, it was apparent what the issue was. Khan had been bitten on the leg by something extremely venomous and that venom was spreading through his body at an alarmingly fast pace.

17. A Possible Cure

As soon as the veterinary doctors realized that Khan had a dangerous venom flowing through his veins, they administered a powerful anti-venom. But even though the family dog had received the dose of anti-venom, his survival wasn’t certain.

Doberman Attacks

Khan’s survival depended on a number of factors: What type of animal had bitten him; how much venom he had received from the bite; how fast the venom had spread throughout his body; and his body’s ability to fight the venom and produce the antibodies necessary to pull through.

18. Heartbreak

The doctors did all they were able to do for Khan. Now it was up to his body to do the rest of the work and pull through. The entire Svillicic family was heartbroken to learn that there was a chance Khan might not make it.

Doberman Attacks

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Khan had only been with the Svillicic family for four days, but to them he was already a member of the family. Little Charlotte had already grown so fond of the lovable Doberman that she considered him her best friend. But would he make it?

19. The Perpetrator

So just what bit Khan the family dog? It didn’t take long to identify the perpetrator. It turned out that there was a deadly king brown snake, also known as a Mulga snake, hiding in the grass of the Svillicic’s backyard where Charlotte and Khan played in daily.

Doberman Attack

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So just how deadly is the king brown snake? Extremely. The king brown snake is the second most venomous snake in the entire world and is responsible for around 60% of all snake-related deaths in Australia.

20. The Real Story

From Catherine Svillicic’s perspective from the kitchen window, it had looked like Khan was viciously attacking Charlotte unprovoked. But there was much more to the story than what met the eye. In fact, the family dog was protecting 17-month-old Charlotte.

Doberman Attacks

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Khan saw the king brown snake slithering in the grass and positioned himself between the deadly serpent and the innocent toddler. When she didn’t respond to his nudges, Khan grabbed Charlotte by her diaper and heroically threw her away to safety.

21. A Life Saved

Khan, the lovable Doberman, not only saved Charlotte from the venomous snake but he allowed himself to be bitten instead. Given Charlotte’s small size, just one bite from the king brown snake would have been fatal.

doberman running

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Even though Khan was much bigger than the little toddler, his fate was not certain. But one thing was certain: Khan was a hero and saved a child’s life. The Svillicic family waited anxiously at the hospital for news of his condition but things weren’t looking good.

22. The Long Night

The Svillicic family waited until closing time. The doctors informed them that they had done everything that they could for Khan and that he had a long night ahead of him. The vet had given him all the medicine and anti-venom that they could. Now it was up to fate.

Doberman Attack

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Khan’s body would have to be strong enough to fight back against the venom and produce enough antibodies to recover. In the meantime, the Svillicic family returned to their home in Cairns, Australia. They waited anxiously for the morning to come and returned to Khan’s side.

23. The Morning Comes

Mrs. Svillicic didn’t sleep all night. She laid awake, her mind plagued with the fear that Khan might not make it. He had only been in the family for four short days, but in that span of time, he had already found a place in their hearts.

Doberman Attacks

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She knew that she had to do everything in her power to make sure that Khan came through. After all, he saved her only daughter from an almost certain horrific death. She owed the Doberman Pinscher her life. Finally morning came…

24. The Morning After

The Svillicic family rose very early the next morning and rushed to get ready for the day. Mrs. Svillicic drove the very same route back to the veterinary hospital. It was a nervous drive because they had to wait until 8:00 am for the clinic to open.

Doberman Attacks

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There was something ominous about driving down the same roads. She somberly recalled the sight of Khan’s paralyzed body sitting next to her. Yet still, she had faith — faith that everything would work out, and that no matter what, things always happen for a reason.

25. At the Hospital

The Svillicic family were the very first people at the animal hospital and anxiously rushed to the receptionist to inquire about their family dog, Khan. With just one expression, all of their fear melted away. The doctors told her that it had been a long night, but that Khan was doing well.

Doberman Attacks

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He was doing so well, in fact, that he was already regaining strength and ate a good breakfast. They informed the Svillicic family that Khan was expected to make a full recovery, something they couldn’t have said just a few hours prior. Charlotte’s best friend and hero was going to be just fine.

26. Khan the Wonder Dog

When Khan was finally released from the veterinary clinic he received a hero’s welcome back into the Svillicic family home. Mrs. Svillicic stated that from now on, the Doberman would be known as “Khan the Wonder Dog”, a fitting title.

Doberman Attacks

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Khan, who was once abused and neglected, repaid his new adoptive family in the most amazing way possible, by saving the life of the youngest family member. It was a gesture that they would never forget. Every day that Charlotte lives is another day to be thankful for the heroic Khan. But the story doesn’t end there.

27. A Family Legacy

According to Kerry Kinder, who first rescued Khan the Wonder Dog, amazing acts of heroism run in his family. Khan’s grandfather apparently saved a young child like Charlotte under similar circumstances. “Wonder” certainly must run in Khan’s family!

doberman puppies


“He was starving for attention and wanted to be loved because he came from an abused home, so I’m not surprised about what he has done at his new home,” Kinder added. The Svillicic family is over the moon with Khan and couldn’t be happier. Now he has all the attention he could ever want.

28. Like A King

Nowadays, Khan is living out the rest of his adorable canine years living like a king and a celebrity. His heroic story made international headlines and went viral on social media networks. Khan probably doesn’t even realize that he famous since he is a dog.

Doberman Attacks


“If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life,’’ Mrs. Svillicic told reporters. The entire family is glad to spoil their beloved pooch in every way possible. How did Khan manage to survive the dangerous snake bite?

29. Happily Ever After

Experts believe that the snake that attacked Khan was only able to inject him with a small amount of venom, not enough to kill him. However, had he not received immediate medical treatment he might have been paralyzed for life at best.

doberman pinscher

Khan and Charlotte are still best friends to this day. The two were truly destined to come together. Without “Khan the Wonder Dog,” Charlotte’s life would have tragically been cut short. But luckily for her, she had her pet Doberman Pinscher.

30. Dangerous Australian Wildlife

Anyone familiar with Australia knows that the island nation is infamous for its deadly animals. On land, humans are threatened by a wide variety of spiders and snakes, as well as bees and frogs. The Sydney funnel-web spider is the most dangerous spider on the continent. Just one bite from the insect is considered a medical emergency, requiring immediate hospital treatment.

Doberman Attacks

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Australia’s oceans are filled with multiple species of vicious sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish, venomous octopi, and cone shells. One species of octopus, the blue-ringed octopus, is so deadly that its venom can kill up to 26 adult humans within minutes.

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