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This Dog Is on a Mission to Save Earthworms and It’s So Sweet

It is said that true kindness is seen on how one treats the lowliest of beings and if this adage is to be considered, then a 2-year-old rescue dog named Holliday is undoubtedly one of the kindest dogs in the world because she loves rescuing distressed earthworms during her regular leisure walks.

rescue dog

Caityn Beebe

In a video posted by Holliday’s owner, Caitlyn Beebe, the kind-hearted dog can be seen gently taking the earthworms with her mouth from the hot road to the cool grass.

“Ever since Holliday was a puppy, she has loved to save the earth worms from the hot roads. She is so gentle with them as she takes them to the grass. I finally got it on film today!” wrote Caitlyn on her Facebook page.

Beebe admitted that most people wouldn’t believe what Holliday does with the earthworms, which is why it is a good thing that she was able to capture it on film for everyone to see.

“I was shocked. I know most dogs will rub on them or eat them, but she was so gentle with them!” Beebe told The Dodo. “Sometimes they will fall out of her mouth because she is so gentle, but she will just pick them back up until they are in the grass. Sometimes she will even watch them for a few minutes as they crawl in the ground. I know it sounds crazy because she was never trained with treats or repetition, she just kind of … does it on her own.”

The proud owner who adopted the rescue dog from an animal shelter in Chicago shared that the pup had always been good to other living beings regardless of size. Beebe believes that Holiday’s earthworm-rescue-stunt was something the dog learned from Beebe’s mother.


Caitlyn Beebe

“When Holliday was little and we would go for walks with my mom, my mom would pick up worms from the road and throw them in the grass. Soon, Holliday started doing it too!” Beebe told The Dodo. “Now she does it all the time and will scour the road for lost earthworms and bugs to save. She will run over so excited, pick them up as gently as she can in her mouth, and then put them in the grass,” Beebe said.

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