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This Dog’s Hilarious Stunt To Steal Her Human’s Smile Will Bring A Grin To Your Face

Dogs have a funny way of getting into trouble in ways you can hardly begin to imagine. They also love to find the items you’ve hidden away to chew up, bury, and claim them as their own. But what are you supposed to do when you wake up to find that your dog stole your smile?

A Spoiled, Sugar-Coated Pup

Little Maggie, a Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, is no stranger to happiness. The pup lives with Twitter user Eunice and her father in Long Island, where she is given plenty of room for her massive personality. She is as adored by her owners as she is spoiled, and her cuddle sessions are unmatchable. However, Maggie can also be quite the troublemaker.


Maggie’s Troublemaking Personality

With an attitude so big, Maggie is bound to get into some trouble every once in a while. But how much chaos can one tiny pup cause? Well, last week, she nearly scared Eunice’s dad half to death with a strange new grin she acquired while he was asleep.


A Nap Turned Into A Nightmare

Eunice’s father wears dentures, and a few months ago, they were bothering him immensely. So, when he decided to lay down for a nap, he chose to take them out and leave them within reach. However, when he came to and grabbed for his teeth, they were nowhere to be found. But when he got up to search for them and ran into Maggie, it was clear who the culprit was.


Maggie’s Odd New Expression

Hiding under the living room table, Maggie had his entire set of dentures in her tiny mouth! It created a hilarious, cartoon-like smile on the itty-bitty canine. Of course, Eunice’s father got a laugh out of the whole situation and quickly sent pictures to his daughter. Once Eunice got a glimpse of the photos, she couldn’t help but share them with her followers, who found it as hilarious as she did!


Taking His Teeth Back

At the end of the day, Maggie didn’t seem to regret her decision in the slightest. Everyone had a good laugh over it, so really, what harm was done? However, we certainly hope that poor Eunice’s father invested in some gnarly denture wash to get Maggie’s slobber off!


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