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These Dogs Prove That Sometimes, The Struggle is Real!

Everyone loves dogs! Even cat people have to appreciate man’s best friend on occasion! Humans love to keep dogs as pets, bringing them into their homes and keeping a special place for them everywhere. They’re so cute and so much fun to be around, it’s no wonder that dogs are some of the most popular pets in America. But, what we don’t always realize is that sometimes it can be tough to be a pet! Take a look at these common struggles that dogs can often face: #firstworldproblems

1. Too many cuddles!

Some dogs love to be cuddled… but not this one! Having these cats spoon up next to him is definitely not his idea of an ideal day.

the struggle is real


Maybe the reason this dog is so uncomfortable is because a dog’s nose has 4 times as many scent cells as a cat! It probably doesn’t like being around those smelly cats!

2. Please don’t take me to the doctor!

Poor little pup, he doesn’t understand that he’s only being taken to the vet so that he can grow strong and healthy!

the struggle is real


Dogs can get the same diseases that humans get, so it’s important for them to continually get check-ups! Plus, they can spread diseases like rabies and tapeworm to humans, so there’s another good reason to get those check-ups!

3. Mmm, yummy shoe. Too bad it isn’t food!

We’ve all had some sort of personal item chewed up by a dog. It’s not fun to get home and find your favorite shoes or slippers all chewed up and no longer usable!

the struggle is real


Dogs have 1,700 taste buds, whereas humans have 9,000, so maybe the lack of taste buds makes even the smelliest slipper taste like a dream? Who knows!

4. Just like with humans, brothers can be a pain.

Sharing is caring, guys! Too bad these cute doggies don’t seem to understand that! They could have such a better time if they would just share the ball.

the struggle is real


In the U.S. alone, nearly 100 million dogs are kept as pets by owners in every state, so you can definitely expect several of those to have multiple dogs!

5. Joining human owners for uncomfortable photo shoots…

People like taking photos of their dogs almost as much as they like taking photos of babies, and we can totally understand why. Dogs are so cute!

the struggle is real


People have been keeping dogs as pets for nearly 12,000 years, and coddling them just as long. It’s a miracle they still want to be our friends!

6. Just a little farther!

If you ever take some time to browse Youtube, you’ll see that the internet is full of #animalfail videos. Somehow, they all seem to miss the mark when it comes to jumping!

the struggle is real


However, for dogs that are particularly prone to jumping (and good at it), dog jumping is actually a sport that dogs can participate in!

7. Dogs can be a little bit terrified of cats.

Look at this tiny little puppy – he’s so scared of all of the cute kitties! They’ve got the poor thing all backed up into a corner. 🙁

the struggle is real


The fear is perfectly reasonable, though. Dogs and cats have a lot of surprising differences, one of which is that cats are nearly impossible to train to respond to directions.

8. Dogs can have bad hair days, too.

It takes a lot to keep a pet properly groomed. It’s no easy feat – especially when dogs are prone to playing around and jumping in the dirt at any given moment.

the struggle is real


Did you know that there are three different types of dog hair? Undercoats (the nice warm part of fur), guard hairs (stiff, long hair), and whiskers!

9. Dogs can be put in time-outs by humans.

They all do it. Every dog, at some point, will make a mess in the living room, or eat your shoe, or rip up the couches. And when this happens, they’ve got to be reprimanded a bit! (Just a tiny bit, cuz look how cute they are.)

the struggle is real


Did you know that a dog’s temperament can often be related to their appearance? Certain canine behaviors are linked to eye color and coat color!

10. Yep… cats and dogs definitely have their differences.

This dog is getting a big bite from that cat, and he looks absolutely terrified! Better run away!

the struggle is real


Cats have 30 teeth in their mouths, and 12 of those are incisors, so you can expect a cat bite to be pretty sharp!

11. Catch it! Or… not.

This little doggie seems to be trying… but then sorta just gives up when the bone goes a little too far. Oh well. A for effort?

the struggle is real


Dogs actually have sweat glands in their paws, so we’ll just blame that slip on the excessive amounts of sweat down there. No biggie!

12. This little puppy found its doppleganger!

If you didn’t know any better, you’d look at this little pup and the stuffed bear and think that they were twins! Or, at the very least, they look like brothers.

the struggle is real


The most popular dog names are Max and Jake… We wonder what the most popular names for bears (real or stuffed) are?

13. You can try all you want, but you won’t be able to eat that!

This little pup thinks that he can pick up that ball, but his jaws simply aren’t big enough! No matter how hard he tries, that ball is just toooo big for him.

the struggle is real


Plato once said that dogs “have the soul of a philosopher.” If this is true, then we expect that this doggie will soon figure out that he needs a smaller ball.

14. Mirrors are very difficult objects to understand.

Yep. That cute lil’ corgi is definitely checking himself out in the mirror. If I were as cute as that, I’d be checking myself out too!

the struggle is real


When dogs first see themselves in a mirror, they think that they are seeing another dog. So, they might try to make friends with it, or they might try to make it go away!

15. Just like humans, pups can outgrow their surroundings.

That little puppy might have fit in his favorite cabinet once upon a time, but now he’s too big! Poor him he’s still trying!

the struggle is real


In their first year alone, dogs can grow a lot, especially in their legs and tails. It’s no wonder this dog outgrew his home!

16. Turns out shopping is exhausting for dogs, too!

This dog is not happy to be in a store where so much clothing is kept, but unfortunately for him, he’s on a tight leash!

the struggle is real


It has been shown that dogs tend to be more aggressive when they’re on a leash, but in this case, the dog is just more lazy!

17. Yup, even eating can be tiring for dogs.

Have you ever heard of the ‘itis,’ that super tired feeling you get after a nice, delicious meal? Well, it certainly looks like this pup has heard of it!

the struggle is real


Dogs need healthy, balanced diets just like humans do, with lots of nutrients to help them grow. That doesn’t seem to be a concern for this doggie!

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Source: Bright Side

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