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The Americano Dream! This Eclectic Coffee Shop Run Out Of A 1968 Beetle Is Literally Hippie Heaven

We all have our favorite spot to grab a delicious cup of coffee. Whether it be a locally-owned joint or one of the big chains, part of the coffee experience is simply placing your order and feeling like you are right at home.

One Colorado man has revolutionized the coffee shop entirely. He literally runs it out of his 1968 Volkswagen Beetle, and he is always on the go!

On The Road Coffee Is Far From Ordinary

A Denver, Colorado man named Matthew Pendleton is the man behind this rather ingenious idea.

Pendleton actually sells a variety of coffee from his Beetle, from Americano to shots of espresso.

Sarah Boyum

He launched On the Road in Denver in May of 2016, and this 36-year-old has dedicated each day to providing the best coffee to the people of The Mile High City.

“I usually wake up at 4:30 in the morning and grab my equipment—my Rok Espresso Maker, coffee grinder, Manual Coffeemaker for pour overs, beans, all that stuff—and take it to the car. I get to my spot across from Union Station bright and early. Then I get ready and watch the city wake up,” Pendleton stated.

His Inspiration Came From A Trip To Thailand

Pendleton is also an artist, and he runs On the Road to fund his abstract art.

A trip to Thailand in 2015 gave him the idea to start his unique business.

“I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and that’s where I saw another bug doing something similar to what I have going on now,” he admitted.

Sarah Boyum

Pendleton bought a beat-up VW Beetle shortly after returning to the states, and On the Road was born.

He came up with the clever name from author Jack Kerouac’s famous 1957 novel On the Road. Kerouac was the king of the beat generation of the 1950s, and he preached freedom, travel, and a search for self.

Much like Pendleton, he marched to the beat of his own drum.

Business Has Really Started To Pick Up

Pendleton now runs On the Road fulltime, and the people of Denver love it.

“Business isn’t all that crazy—usually an average of 15 to 20 people in the morning—but with those few people, I do all right. I do well enough,” he stated.

@steveoscaro via Reddit

“When I launched I didn’t know what to expect, but I did better than I thought. This year’s been even better,” he admitted.

Be sure to find Pendleton and his coffee bug the next time you find yourself in Denver — this is one business worth supporting!

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