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This Recently Engaged Couple Was Viciously Attacked Online For “Smallest Ring Ever”

Getting engaged should be one of the happiest moments for a couple. It’s a great moment when couples make a plan to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. However, this poor couple couldn’t even enjoy their engagement without being shamed online over––get this––the size of the ring!

Making Things Official

YouTube stars, Jen Phanomrat and Leo Samanamud, stars of the YouTube channel, Just Eat Life, have been together for a long nine years. Leo decided it was time to put a ring on it, and asked Jen to marry him. And she happily said yes!

Instagram / Jen Phanomrat

The couple later posted the news on Instagram, sharing a picture of themselves and Jen’s ring. Many of their fans excitedly congratulated them on the great news. However, some others mainly focused on the size of the ring…

Here Come The Trolls

Leo had bought Jen a modest ring with a thin gold band with a small pearl. From her enormous smile in the photo, Jen seemed to love it and was happy that she would be marrying the love of her life. But, mean trolls couldn’t help but comment on the simple ring.

Instagram / Jen Phanomrat

One user commented, “It must suck to wait 9 years for a ring that look[s] like that.” Another even said that Jen shouldn’t marry Leo for buying a ring that small! The nasty comments continued on and on. The comments got so bad that Jen turned off the comment section on that particular photo. A happy time in her and Leo’s lives had quickly turned sour. However, the couple still decided to focus on the most important thing: their love.

Love Conquers All

At the end of the day, all that Jen and Leo care about is spending the rest of their lives together. Regarding the ring, Jen loves the tiny details that Leo put into it. “He asked the ring maker to inscribe the initials of our nicknames for each other,” Jen revealed in an interview. “I swear I thought I was floating in the air when he pointed it out. My heart smiles every time I see it.”


The couple also got a lot of support from fans who defended them online. The basic consensus what that the size of the ring isn’t what matters. Love is all that matters. This couple has surely been through a lot over nine years, and the ring is just a symbol of that. With that love, Leo and Jen are pushing through the hate and moving to the next phase of their lives. Congrats to them!

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