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From the Slammer to Stardom: The World’s Most Epic Mugshots

Mugshots are usually known for capturing a moment of shame for those who find themselves behind bars. However, for a select group of individuals, their police pictures have gone in the records for being uncommonly amazing. While being on the wrong side of the law is generally not condoned, the masses agree that those found on this list have that certain “wow factor” that has occasionally turned them into household names, and in certain cases, even led to professional photo shoots and careers. Check out these epic booking shots that make being bad feel so amusing!

1. Lucky Lawbreaker: Mekhi Alante Lucky

Mekhi Alante Lucky’s mugshot depicting his breathtaking bone structure and uniquely distinguished eyes quickly made him an online sensation and earned him the moniker “Prison Bae.” The North Carolina man’s image drove him to stardom in the wake of his April 2016 arrest for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle.



Lucky truly lived up to his name in part due to a condition call heterochromia that causes one of his exquisite eyes to be blue, while the other is brown. Despite four subsequent arrests in 2016, the 20-year-old with astonishing irises happened to catch the gaze of St Claire’s Modeling, and the Atlanta-based agency signed him as a client in August 2017. The next suspect on the list is bound to steal your heart!

2. Arrest is a Pain in the Neck: Micah Musser

Love bites; that’s for sure. Micah Musser may not kiss and tell, but no words are needed to understand that the Kentucky teen was involved in quite a bit of smooching before police snapped his mugshot.


Louisville Metro Dept of Corrections

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the amount of hickeys seen in this one practically leaves us speechless. The 18-year-old was charged with trespassing and unlawful transaction with a minor, but he gained viral fame for getting caught with the incredible pattern of discolored marks left by voracious necking – literally. Talk about a “sucky” day! The next mugshot will surely have your hair standing on end!

3. Putting the ‘H’ in Mugshot: Shannon Csapilla

She may put the ‘h’ in hottie, but incidentally, this Connecticut woman left that letter out when she scratched “wore” instead of “whore” into the vehicle of a friend, whom she suspected was fooling around with her boyfriend.



Shannon Csapilla, 20, from Stamford, Connecticut was arrested on allegations of vandalism. The tale of her graffiti gaffe spread like wildfire and infamously made the blonde belle a social media sensation. Csapilla later took to Instagram to acknowledge her wrongdoing, quipping: “Don’t worry, I’m not an English major.” Can you say hilarious with a capital “H”?

4. Shackled Santa: Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez

This 58-year-old Florida man, who undoubtedly bears an uncanny semblance to Santa Clause, was incidentally busted for matters dealing with a certain type of “white substance” – but not the kind ubiquitously found in the North Pole.


Monroe County Jail

Incidentally, Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez was taken into custody on charges related to selling cocaine – aka “snow”. Though not looking so jolly, the Saint Nick lookalike happened to don a red shirt, bushy white beard and long frosty locks in his mugshot that made the rounds just about a fast as Santa does on Christmas. Wonder if he’ll be home in time for the holidays?

5. Puckering Up for Police: Angela Green

Far from snapping a downtrodden shot, Cleveland resident Angela Green, in essence, appears to be telling the cops to kiss her tush in her detainment picture. Sporting a defiant demeanor, the 34-year-old found herself the subject of ephemeral fame.


Wickliffe Police Dept

Green’s mugshot made a buzz following her arrest for refusing to leave an Ohio hotel. The “duckfaced” arrestee was charged with obstructing official business, including providing the hotel with “quack” information. She was later released on a $354 cash bond.  

6. The Original ‘Hot Felon’: Jeremy Meeks

Perhaps regarded as the world’s most recognizable former inmate, his sultry mugshot propelled him to worldwide fame. Jeremy Meeks has piqued public interest since his visage went viral in 2014. Dubbed the “Hot Felon,” the 33-year-old is also regarded as “The Blue Eyed Bandit” and “Jail Bae.”


Stockton Police Dept/Getty

Following his arrest in a 2014 gang sweep, the sexy ex-con was sentenced in federal court. Meeks became a prison success story when he signed a modeling contract in 2016 during another stint in jail. From the slammer to the catwalk, he has since made it big in the international fashion scene. It has to be said, serving time has never appeared to serve someone so well.

7. Drop Dead Gorgeous DUI: Meagan McCullough

Her orange jumpsuit didn’t stop her from gaining a fan base of oodles of oglers. Quite the opposite, in fact. Meagan McCullough (now Simmons) is one of those lucky people whose features are simply arresting — even when they are, in fact, being arrested.



With crystal blue eyes, a button nose and a perfect pout it’s no wonder this Florida hottie hailed as “Attractive Convict” sparked a social media firestorm with her DUI mugshot. Despite crying throughout the process, McCullough’s beauty basically brought a slew of online admirers to tears. The mugshot muse prompted both marriage proposals and memes with captions like: “Guilty … of taking my breath away.” Amen!

8. Mugshot or Headshot?: Sarah Seawright

It should be a crime to look this good! With perfectly kempt locks, a glowing complexion and Mona Lisa smile, social media seemed ready to overlook Sarah Seawright’s legal wrongdoings and focus instead on her mugshot that could have just as easily passed for a modeling headshot.



The 24-year-old Arkansas woman, fawned over as “#prisonbae”, has garnered a mass following of admirers, such as one Twitter user who proclaimed: “Put her on house-arrest with me #jailhousebae.” The brunette beauty’s striking booking photo was taken following her arrest for failure to appear for a court date related to previous charges. One thing is for sure, she’s definitely guilty of turning heads.

9. ‘Cute Mug Shot Girl’: Alysa Bathrick

This brazen North Carolina beauty is a self-described mugshot cutie, and the Internet agrees. Alysa Bathricks’s doe-eyed gaze and perfect bone structure quickly had the Net going gaga over 2014’s so-called “Cute Mug Shot Girl”, suspected of illegally distributing Xanax.



The then-18-year-old stunner wasn’t shy in admitting her troubles with law all the while flaunting her enviable features. “Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. F*** what your heard. And my mugshot’s cute,” she posted on Twitter. Modesty may not be her forte, but seriously, if you look like that you’re entitled to some bragging rights.

10. Southern Belle Behind Bars – Kathryn Dennis

Before all the theatrics of the Bravo docuseries “Southern Charm” aired, one cast member had some definitely unscripted drama of her own. One of the series’ members, redheaded beauty Kathryn Dennis, was hauled in for underage drinking in 2012 when she was 20-years-old.


Daily Mail

Before the reality show’s cameras started rolling, the model-celebutante was captured on police cameras looking as gorgeous as ever and somewhat like a young Twiggy. Dennis’ run-in with the law didn’t deter her from later joining the soapy series alongside her fallen South Carolina politician boyfriend Thomas Ravenel.

11. Gem of a Mug: Mary Catherine Hunt

This blonde beauty’s mugshot truly is a diamond in the rough, and it is particularly fitting given the accusations against her. Mary Catherine Hunt’s former fiancé, Florida millionaire Scott Mitchell, claimed that his attractive ex had stolen $2.1 million worth of gold, gems and jewelry following their break up.


Pinellas County Jail

In 2016, Pinellas-Pasco Circuit prosecutors dropped the year-old grand theft charge against Hunt. However, her former beau kept trying to sue Hunt and her family in a pending civil lawsuit. The dazzling bombshell denies all allegations. Keep scrolling for more bodacious babes who ended up behind bars!

12. Looks to Kill: Tara Lambert

This former model with an apparent “Fargo” complex may have been used to being in front of the camera during her career. But, the bombshell blonde’s image was in the media everywhere in recent years due to the legal proceedings surrounding her headline-grabbing murder-for-hire case when she tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband’s ex-wife


Police Handout

Tara Lambert’s regular seductive sartorial choices in the courtroom eventually translated to a mugshot that could have served the casting producers of “Orange Is the New Black.” Oh, and did we mention her conspiracy to commit murder allegedly involved a wood chipper? She insisted the remark was a joke, but the jury wasn’t having it. In 2016, a judge overturned the Ohio native’s conviction.

13. Possession of Good Looks: Gabrielle Hill

Gabrielle Hill’s smoldering slate eyes and sultry glower captivated the gaze of the cyber community following her 2009 arrest for illegal drug possession. The Internet didn’t seem to care too much about handcuffs when it came to the hypnotizing 19-year-old’s flawless features.



According to reports, Hill was hauled in by police over charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and possession of cannabis (less than 20 grams). Set aside those alleged charges, and it can’t be denied that Hill is in possession of some extremely glorious genetics.

14. Drunk Tank in Love: Jennifer Jensen

Florida is famously known as the “the Sunshine State” — it also happens to be where police snapped a mugshot of drunk driving suspect Jennifer Jensen, whose sunny countenance seemed to brighten the day for many online admirers.


DFA Pictures

Police arrested the blonde babe from Osceola in 2011. Her phenomenal portrait then went down in mugshot history, landing on more than one list of sexy lawbreakers. While we definitely hope there were no serious injuries due to the DUI, it has to be said that Jensen is surely a sight for sore eyes.

15. Arresting Looks: Toni Lee Hopkins

With a face like this, it would seem that Toni Lee Hopkins was more suited for primetime television than the pole. Welcomed or not, the pretty brunette got her 15 minutes of fame, or perhaps infamy, as her mugshot was admired as far and wide as her perfect cheekbones.


DFA Pictures

The breathtaking brunette was booked after police picked her up in Houston for being a stripper. The men’s-club entertainer was hauled in on charges of violating statutes governing sexually-oriented businesses in the Texas city. No matter what, though, she won’t be stripped of her right to be beautiful.

16. Tough Love: Unnamed Knockout

Marriage inevitably comes with some domestic duties. It is widely assumed that it is the thought, more than the impeccable execution of these responsibilities, that counts. And while a little appreciation is known to go a long way, this Florida beauty wasn’t having any of it.



Cops snapped this head-turning mugshot after the unnamed woman was cuffed on accusations that are equally likely to catch your attention. Police reportedly pulled her over in Sarasota on charges that she beat her husband with a toaster, because well she thought he just didn’t cook her breakfast correctly. Umm… love hurts?

17. No Clowning Around: Rachel Glenna Fisher

There was no funny business when police arrested Rachel Glenna Fisher for kicking a DJ dressed as – GASP – an “evil clown.” While a charge of “simple battery” is no laughing matter, the Georgia woman “Rocketted” to Internet fame, not only for the circumstances of the event but for also her smashing good looks.


Cobb County Sheriff’s Office

Police reported that the incident occurred at a Halloween party at a bar in 2016. The injured karaoke DJ told officers that he had interacted with Fisher earlier in the night, and noticed that she was “highly intoxicated.” The DJ further explained that he’d received a “karate type kick” in the face. Ouchies all around!

18. Model Behavior?: Ralitsa Ivanova

This former Maxim cover girl probably won’t be adding this mugshot to her portfolio. Buxom blonde swimsuit model Ralitsa Ivanova was busted on DUI charges in 2015 after she was caught driving in the wrong lane on a busy Florida thoroughfare and performed “very poorly” on a sobriety test.


NY Daily News

Once billed as “the sexiest Bulgarian alive,” the then-29-year-old knockout told police that she’d been trying to drive home from Tampa to St. Petersburg, but kept getting lost while texting. However, police caught the eye-catching blonde driving her BMW in the wrong direction. Used to posing for the likes of Esquire and Sports Illustrated, Ivanova was then required to look at the lens for her mugshot.

19. Naughty Nurse: Kristen Johnson

This New York nurse had to surrender her license after she was arrested and convicted for snapping lewd photos of unconscious male patients’ private parts. The phallic pictures and another invasive image of a gastrointestinal patient found on her phone initially led her to face a felony charge.



The 27-year-old blonde’s charges were later reduced in 2016 as part of a plea deal in which she agreed to spend three years on probation. While her professional ethics were undoubtedly questioned, her looks were not. Johnson has since managed to make multiple lists of attractive criminals.

20. The ‘Female Jeremy Meeks’: Angela Coates

“America’s new hot mugshot,” “world’s hottest mugshot,” and “new mugshot sensation” – these are among the descriptions garnered by drop-dead gorgeous glamor model Angela Coates as her 2014 mugshot prompted a social media frenzy of fervid online followers.


DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office

Following her booking for disorderly conduct in Georgia, the 22-year-old Florida native told Inside Edition that she realized she was the “female Jeremy Meeks.” Though she was released the same day, she said she takes her career seriously and didn’t want it to revolve around “any type of crime or mugshot.” Nonetheless, she took the situation in stride, taking to social media to say this “is straight comedy.” There’s one good-humored hottie.

21. Sin City Stunner: Katie Rees

Having such perfectly sculpted cheekbones should be illegal. However, that’s not what this foxy former beauty queen was locked up for. Katie Rees, who was stripped of her Miss Nevada USA crown in 2006, has faced her fair share of scandals – including legal ones.


Las Vegas Metro police Department

Her fall from grace has been well documented, starting when risqué photos of Rees exposing her breasts and kissing women while at a nightclub surfaced, leading to her dethronement in 2006. With a record including at least two arrests in recent years, Rees’s mugshots are bound to appear in any search of one-time pageant princess.

22. Orange is the New Beautiful: Veronica Rodriguez

With a thick mane of jet-black hair and full, luscious lips, Veronica Rodriguez had social media salivating over her alluring appearance from her 2010 mugshot after being arrested for drunk driving in Florida. The photo of the then-19-year-old apparently had a lot of hearts racing.


DFA Pictures

With several blogs claiming that Rodriguez is none other than a popular adult entertainment actress by the same name, it is not clear whether this luscious looker eventually made it from an orange suit to the blue screen. Read on for more photogenic prisoners!

23. Scintillating Scammer: Jessie Alexander

She may have Hollywood good looks, but Jessie Alexander of Miami doesn’t seem to have any viable connection to the news-media industry, although she tricked people into thinking she did. The 41-year-old showbiz poser allegedly scammed businesses out of thousands of dollars, claiming she was a local TV producer.



Boasting friendships with A-listers like Mel Gibson and Ben Affleck, Alexander claimed she was working for Fox 29 in a scheme that reportedly raked in $23,750 from a handful of beguiled business owners. The stunning swindler purportedly used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle. She was finally arrested in 2013 on fraud charges.

24. Gorgeous Gangster: Mirella Ponce

Facing felony charges or not, one thing is for sure – Mirella Ponce is fierce. A mugshot of the ravishing raven-haired arrestee with intricate neck tattoos has gained traction and left the mesmerizing gang member mulling a possible future as a real model.


Fresno Police Dept

Ponce, 20, became an Internet sensation after Fresno police posted her mugshot taken following her October arrest while driving in a vehicle with other gangsters, a loaded weapon and an infant. Despite pleading guilty to two felony charges, her photo got more than 2 million views and spurred smitten onlookers who offered to pay her bail. She’s apparently now considering taking a shot at modeling.

25. Hunk in Handcuffs: Jacob Miller

This California golden boy has the chiseled jawline and smoking stare worthy of the catwalk. Yet, Jacob Miller was walked away in chains when he was arrested in 2011 for reported charges including narcotics and weapons violations.



Miller, who according to central California’s KSBW News is the son of a county sheriff,  was living in an apartment attached to his father’s home when he was served a search warrant by narcotics deputies who worked for his dad – YIKES! Still, who could blame anyone for wanting to be in hot pursuit of this hunk?

26. ‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’: Sarah Furay

Angel-faced Sarah Furay’s sweet countenance wasn’t the only surprising thing about her 2015 bust related to the trafficking of drugs, including cocaine, Ecstasy, meth, and LSD. Her megawatt mugshot quickly shot her to viral fame, but the story doesn’t end there.


College Station Police Dept

As it turns out, the Texan, labeled the “adorable drug kingping”, happens to be the daughter of a DEA agent. Her family ties had the Internet speculating whether her relatives were the reason behind the smiling shot. Nonetheless, it seems the apple has fallen very far from the tree here.

27. Forget Orange, it’s all About Black: Morgan Joyce Varn

A fair share of mugshot subjects are known to sport fanciful body art. Yet, few are seen with the scope of ink work as that of Morgan Joyce Varn, 24. While the South Carolina mother’s face and neck tattoos are noticeable, it’s her totally-blackened eyes that turned heads.


Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department

Her police mugshot went viral and spurred headlines such as this by a Fox affiliate in Las Vegas: “Here’s a Mugshot to Haunt Your Nightmares.” Varn was cuffed and charged with armed robbery, attempted kidnapping and property damage. She has since had the Internet questioning whether she tattooed her sclera and irises, or whether she was wearing contacts.

28. Jeremy Meeks 2.0?: Sean Kory

This handsome man’s mugshot is known for giving the ‘world’s hottest felon,’ Jeremy Meeks, a run for his money. Sean Kory had outlaw-loving ladies swooning, and bore the title “Hot Mugshot Guy” following his arrest for assault on Halloween in 2014.


Santa Cruz Police Department

The hunky green-eyed Californian was booked for attacking a man dressed as a Fox News reporter at that year’s Santa Cruz Halloween Parade. Despite bearing fabulous features similar to those of Meeks’, Kory didn’t seem to go on to land a modeling contract. His mugshot may have been a hit, but still, there’s no excuse for hitting someone.

29. Call Me Maybe…From Jail: Rachael Kathryn Lemler

This Carly Rae Jepsen look-alike is just too cute! However, her looks didn’t seem to help when it came to an arrest for driving under the influence. No matter, the beauty-in-bangs made sure to flash her pearly-whites for the police.


DFA Pictures

California cops may have cuffed Lemler, but despite the circumstances, it seems she kept her spirits high. Only 19 years old at the time, fresh-faced Lemler’s photo has since gone on to join the digital canon of the world’s best-looking culprits.

30. Bride Behind Bars: Tammy Lee Hinton

This newlywed was shackled by more than just love when Michigan authorities arrested her on suspicion of felony identity theft. Tammy Lee Hinton’s nuptial bliss was apparently interrupted when she was arrested shortly after saying “I do.” The situation likely served as “something blue” for this bride all dressed in white.


Jackson County Police

Despite the circumstances, Hinton opted not to change out of her wedding attire for her mugshot. She then went from walking down the aisle to being locked into a cell – well, for less than a half hour before her dutiful new husband picked her up. Now that’s love.

31. ‘Gucci Gangster’: Khamprasong Thammavon

Often dubbed the “Gucci gangster,” Khamprasong Thammavon’s mugshot displaying a mug-full of busy tattoos blew up after he was placed behind bars in 2016.  The 33-year-old, whom California police said was a documented member of the Laos Bloods gang, certainly turns heads due to his own.



The image of the heavily-inked gangster came to light after California police pulled over the then-probationer and raided his house, uncovering a stash of weapons and drugs. He was arrested on numerous felony charges, but it’s his intricate ink work that fuelled astonished observation.

32. Mugshot Munchies: Justin Lamar Richardson

Snack time or doing time? For Justin Lamar Richardson, it appears that one can have both simultaneously. The South Carolina resident has fed the attention of the media sphere with his mugshot that shows him holding – yep that’s right – a partially-eaten sandwich.  


Fox46 Charlotte

According to the local sheriff’s office, authorities provided the inmate with a bologna sandwich after he said he was hungry and requested food. While Richardson was accused of multiple charges, no one can accuse him of missing an opportunity to multitask.

33. Half-Cut Mughsot: David Davis

This sounds like a scene straight out of the 1990 cult classic “Edward Scissorhands,” but it’s not. The circumstances surrounding David Davis’ arrest are simply hair-raising, as is his mugshot. Believe it or not, the events all started in a barbershop.


Stamford Police

The 21-year-old was apparently halfway through getting his hair done in Stamford, Connecticut when he grabbed a pair of scissors and slashed another man, whom Davis said had approached him in an “aggressive manner.” Police with K-9s later found and detained Davis, who was sporting the half-done hairstyle. Good thing any “do” you have can’t be used against you…

34. Eye-Popping Pic: Chelsey Edwards

This mugshot of former JCPenney jewelry manager Chelsey Edwards was definitely eye catching. The astounding shot came about after authorities refused to turn a blind eye to suspicions that Edwards was trying to pawn off stolen jewelry she had swiped from the department store.



Edwards’ mugshot got a lot of looks when it came to the public eye. According to reports, the 25-year-old stashed and pawned $1,034-worth of jewelry from the branch she worked at in Boynton Beach, Florida. She was released from jail after a day on $9,000 bond. Not sure about you, but “eye” can’t stop looking!

35. Wearable Warning: Luciano Gutierrez

This Texas man came with a warning, but actually. Luciano Gutierrez’s mugshot spells it all out – quite literally. The image became a side-splitting spectacle after police released a shot of 63-year-old, ironically clad in a shirt that read: “Warning: I do dumb things.”


Bell County Sheriff’s Dept

Gutierrez was picked up in 2015 on a felony driving-while-intoxicated warrant that was issued after a previous arrest for a DWI. He was released a day after the T-shirt shot, having posted a $25,000 bond. Let’s hope he heeds his own warning in the future.

36. Ear of This One?: Lucas William Vincent

This New Zealand man’s surname is Vincent, as was Van Gogh’s given name; and, coincidence or not, it appears they both suffered from some severe ear trauma. Forgot his curious under-eye tattoo and assault charge, a Canterbury police plea for the public’s help in locating Lucas William Vincent seemed to go in one ear and out the other on social media.


Canterbury Police

“He’s going to cop an ear full when his mother finds out about this,” read one Facebook response to the mangled mugshot. “This is what happens when you live life earresponsibly,” read another. Still, it remains unclear whether we’ll hear any more about the forlorn-looking fugitive.  

37. ‘Tin Man’ Mugshot: Nicholas E. Sherman

Dressed as the Tin Man from the “Wizard of Oz,” it seems that New York man Nicholas E. Sherman strayed a little too far from the proverbial Yellow Brick Road. Despite his somber countenance, the 31-year-old Courtland resident’s metallic mugshot made the rounds on the Web.


NY State Police

State police arrested him for driving while intoxicated on the way home from an Oz-themed event. He was later charged with Aggravated DWI after having a blood alchol content of .19%. While Sherman undoubtedly has a heart, the type of which L. Frank Baum’s classic character searched for, he also got something grimmer: a court date. Don’t miss the next photos enshrined in the pantheon of mugshots!

38. Red, White and Busted: Eric Oram Butkiewicz

The 4th of July wasn’t necessarily all fun and games for Eric Oram Butkiewicz, whose patriotic booking photo set off fireworks in the media. The image made it big “from sea to shining sea” when Florida police picked up Butkiewicz after he was flagged for dealing drugs.


Daily Mail

Miami police detained the 31-year-old decked out in ‘Star Spangled Banner’-themed face paint on suspicion of selling narcotics amid Independence Day festivities at the Fontainebleau Hotel’s LIV nightclub. “I possibly have three Xanax bars in my possession,” he reportedly told the cops. Well, ain’t that just America.  

39. Police Portrait with Plumage:  Craig Buckner

While mugshots usually only feature one subject in the frame, Oregon’s Craig Buckner was allowed to pose with none other than his pet parrot perched on his shoulder. Thanks to some understanding officers and a swashbuckling spectacular mugshot, Buckner and his macaw, named “Bird,” have soared to viral status. 


Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Buckner had brought his faithful, feathered friend to wait on a tree while he appeared for court, according to local CBS affiliate KOIN. Yet, when proceedings took longer than expected, considerate deputies permitted the 38-year-old to retrieve his pet and bring him to the booking area. This one for sure lends meaning to the term “jailbird.”

40. Baked Booking: Andrew Anderson

Talk about seizing evidence in plain view. This Kentucky man’s shirt basically spelled it all out for police when they stopped his car and found packets of marijuana and money believed to be profits from illegal drug sales.



Andrew Anderson, 22, was lodged in jail mid-blink, or with otherwise affected eyes, wearing a weed-themed green t-shirt that read: “All my friends are baked.” He was charged with marijuana trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia, before posting his $2,500 bond. The grass is always greener… on the other side of the holding cell.

41. Midas Mugshot: Patrick Tribbett

All that glitters is not gold, as the old adage says. That seems particularly true for Patrick Tribbett. This West Virginia man’s glittery spray-paint mugshot made national headlines and even caught the attention of a few merchandise companies. He was not please, to say the least.


The Smoking Gun

Following his 2005 arrest for huffing paint, Tribbett’s gilded goatee proved to be a golden sensation on the Internet. According to Business Insider, several commercial merchandisers used his likeness to adorn their products, like t-shirts and mugs with the slogan “I wanna know where da gold at.” Tribett then set out to sue said firms, proverbially huffing and puffing.

42. Cuffed Caveman: Christopher Ray Woods

Christopher Ray Woods garnered attention on the Internet after Alabama police arrested him for marijuana possession while sporting a full-on faux-fur vest and strikingly similar facial fuzz. What we can only assume to be an Ice Age-inspired ensemble has us itching with questions.  


Baldwin County Corrections Center

As it turns out, there seems to be a simple explanation for the so-called “caveman” culprit’s furry frock. According to, a fringed Woods was taken into custody on suspicion of infringement while preparing to enter the southern state’s Hangout Music Festival, which often draws revelers clad in unique costumes.  Now there’s a guy who got himself into a hairy situation.

43. Skeletons Out of the Closet?: Adam Roberts

We often talk about the amazing bone structure that makes certain people’s mugshots go viral, and then there is Adam Roberts. In the case of this inked Illinois man, his full-face skull tattoo totally set him apart.


Madison County Sheriff’s Office

“It’s the oddest thing I’ve ever seen in 20-plus years of law enforcement,” said Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Dixon of Robert’s appearance. Police arrested the 24-year-old in 2013 on charges of stealing thousands of dollars worth of property from storage units and reselling them. Sounds like someone might have a bone to pick here. 

44. Grinnin’ in Prison: Ronald Goines

For this Maryland man, it’s apparently always a good time to grin – even when facing an attempted murder charge. Hundreds of humorous and nonplussed reactions poured in after Baltimore police posted this mugshot of 24-year-old Ronald Goines.


Baltimore Police

According to the authorities, Goines was the third suspect arrested in the case of a botched armed robbery in February. He was cuffed in April and charged with attempted first-degree murder on suspicion of involvement in the shooting of two victims in their buttocks. This one is definitely a brow-raiser!

45. The Shot that Spells it Out: Ross McMakin

According to the theory of retributive justice, the punishment should fit the crime. But, what happens when your clothes do the same? In what can only be described as a case of apropos apparel, this Oregon man was wearing a t-shirt that read “Drunk as S***” when he was arrested for a DUI.



Police arrested Ross McMakin, 21, after he reportedly drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk and assaulted his girlfriend when she attempted to take his keys. What was said to have started as a night of partying ended with charges of driving under the influence, reckless endangerment, harassment and strangulation.

46. Cheesin’ for the Cops: Riley Dee Lewis

Riley Dee Lewis apparently has a history of epic mugshots. The 36-year-old was caught cheesin’ hard-core in his police picture following his May arrest in Ogden, Utah.


Weber County Sheriff’s Office

According to the “Standard Examiner,” Lewis – who had been previously convicted in another case – was charged with assault after allegedly chasing two joggers with a knife. “Mugshot of the year,” was what local reporter Chris Jones dubbed Lewis’ booking shot.  

47. Brother Act: Daniel and Caleb Tate

These twin brothers encountered some double trouble with the law for detonating improvised explosive devices in several locations in Pennsylvania during the winter of 2015. Notedly handsome and dressed to the nines, the explosive duo blew up as an Internet sensation.



Christmas came with a bang for these two college students, who were charged with arson by explosion, arson by possession of explosive devices, conspiracy and theft among other offenses. Luckily, nobody was physically injured in any of the blasts.

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Source: Daily Mail, Grunge, NY Daily News

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