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You Won’t Believe What These Five Deceiving Photos Are Actually About

Have you ever looked at a photo and then had to quickly look back at it to make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks? This has probably happened multiple times and it’s always a fun experience to finally realize what you’re really looking at. Can you believe these five deceiving photos?

Island Or Moss?

When you first look at this photo, you probably think it’s an aerial photograph of an island surrounded by water. You can see the trees and sand. It makes perfect sense that this could only be an island. However, look again. It’s actually a photograph of moss on a pond.

Derpyderpderpurr via Reddit

On Top Of The World

This photograph looks like a boy is climbing a giant mountain. It’s a beautiful photograph and it appears he has finally made it to the top of the mountain, looking out at the world beneath him. But, this isn’t true. As a Reddit user shared, his son isn’t climbing a mountain; he’s actually climbing an old rotten tree stump.

AidenAsh15 via Reddit

Taken At The Best Moment

Sometimes, people take photos at exactly the right moments, capturing something unique and hilarious. For example, this photo looks like a dog’s head is attached to a human’s body. Isn’t this perfect? The Reddit user created the best caption for this photo: “Just five more minutes, Mom! I’m a good boy!”

GeneReddit123 via Reddit

Smiling Lava

This is perhaps the happiest erupting volcano we have ever seen. Usually, lava is dangerous, but this is a deceiving volcano. The photographer who took this probably didn’t realize what he captured until after he processed the picture. Can you really be mad at an erupting volcano when it’s smiling like this?

Minchoco via Reddit

A Beautiful Painting?

Despite what you’re probably thinking right now, you’re not looking at a Monet painting in an art gallery. Instead, you’re looking at a photograph of mud splattered against a car window. This is an accidental photo that could possibly pass off as a famous painting. Let’s hope art experts don’t believe it!

buzzy5 via Reddit

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