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Forget The Dad Jokes, Here Are 5 Of The Funniest Fathering Pics Ever

Most dads are known for injecting their zany sense of humor to lighten the mood, teach a life lesson, or play a good prank. Whether mom and the kids can stand it or not, dads are sure to make memorable moments that are slightly embarrassing or viral-worthy for the Internet. Enjoy this salute to the best in dad humor.

For Fashion’s Sake

When it comes to daddy’s little girl, a father will step into the role of fashion police in a flash. Ever willing to take one for the team, one dad quickly swapped tops with his daughter at the fair. Onlookers may have cringed or giggled at dad baring his hairy mid-drift, but at least his daughter was fully covered as a result of his bravery.


Cooler Than Ice

When it comes to proving manliness, dads are always up to prove their salt. During one of the craziest winter blasts, one dad was out to prove that he was undeterred from the frigid temperatures. Ready to get people to break out into a smile, this dad enjoyed sitting at a lemonade stand.


Dad Or ATM

Having to do some chores around the house to get an allowance can be a drag. However, feeling like an ATM more than a father requires a smart response to teach responsibility.  Kudos to this dad for typing up a fantastic letter for his six-year-old, after being asked for more money.


What’s In Dad’s Wallet

Most parents gush about sharing family photos of the wife and kids. And some dads may show off photos of their latest hunting or fishing adventure, or even their prized car. However, some dads can’t help but show off their love for nerdy linguistic humor. This dad was more than happy to show off his ‘pride and joy.’ Who knew?


Greasing The Old Wheels

The Sons of Anarchy may have their fans, and bike clubs still maintain their allure and manly toughness. However, when a dad is reaching up there in years, displaying a good sense of tongue-in-cheek humor to prove dad can still hang tough makes the grade. And to top things off, this old man is presently at the watering hole to boot.

Bored Panda

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