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Genius Fish Surround Diver In Bait Ball To Protect Themselves From Huge Shark

Tobias Sachs was scuba diving off the coast of Egypt when all of a sudden he was suddenly surrounded by a swarm of small fish. He didn’t know what the fish were doing, but his instincts told him to stay still. So, he followed his gut, and floated under the sea, as the fish formed an orb around his body.

Scuba Diving In Egypt

Tobias was soaking in the beauty of the ocean off the east coast of Egypt with his friends when he started to notice some fish crowding around him. Confused by their sudden interest in him, Tobias just watched the school multiply and swim around him.


One of the other divers shot a video of the fish as they drew in tighter and tighter around his friend. Neither one knew what to do, but they wanted to catch what was happening on film.

Scared Fish Form A Ball

What Tobias didn’t know was that the school of fish was using him to make themselves look big. They sensed a predator approaching, and the fish had to work together if they were to survive. Tobias was at the heart of their plan.

Caters News Agency

The fish formed a perfect ball around Tobias and waited for who they knew was on the way to eat them for lunch.

A Predator Is Foiled

Swimming right behind Tobias and his ball of fish was an enormous whale shark, and he was hungry. Lucky for the divers, these types of sharks aren’t interested in tasting humans. They’re gentle sharks, but they do love a good fish.

Kirsty Faulkner

The little fish swarm around Tobias worked! The whale shark swam right by them and continued his search for his meal, making Tobias an internet sensation. You’re our fishy hero of the day, Tobias!

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