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Six-Year-Old Girl Sells Lemonade to Help Classmate Pay for School Lunch

Amiah Van Hill is a normal 6-year old girl yet she has something special that will certainly touch your heart. This little second grader has a very special hobby that she puts into good use. Amiah and her younger sibling Aria are small girls on a huge mission. In one of her interviews, Amiah said that she was moved to do something for the other kids in her school after she learns that some students are shamed in other schools for not being able to pay off their lunch debt.

lunch debt


According to her, “every kid in school needs lunch”. Her way of helping them is to help lessen their debt. And how do you think will she raise enough money to reach her goal? Just as any other 6-year old would do; set-up a lemonade stand.

Earlier last August, sisters Amiah and Aria put up lemonade stand and placed a sign which said “Lemonade 4 Lunch”. They were both surprised when they were able to raise $40. That amount was enough to pay for lunch debt of every student which qualified for a reduced-price lunch.

lunch debt

Rachel Van Hill

They were so thrilled by the success of their campaign that they decided to ramp up their next goal. In tune with their aspiration to “donate money to make sure that no child gets left behind with eating.” Amiah is now aiming to raise as much as $23,000. She aims to pay off the lunch debt of the entire school district.

This brave little girl continues to set-up lemonade stands to accomplish her goal. As of the end of the summer she has earned a total of $600 and she isn’t stopping until she reaches her goal.

“When I don’t have customers, I sit and wait. When there are customers, two or more cars come up, I rush back and forth,” Amiah said.

lunch debt

Rachel Van Hill

To help her with raising money, Rachel, Amiah’s mom, has created a GoFundMe page so that people can donate to her cause.

With caring children like Amiah and Aria it looks like our future is heading to a better tomorrow.

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