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Meet The Woman Who Makes the World’s Most Gorgeous Pies

We’ve always thought that cooking was an art form. However, we’d also thought that the art was in the way food tastes, but Lauren Ko is trying to prove us all wrong. She’s baking the world’s most beautiful pies and then sharing them on Instagram and more than 100,00 people love them now.

Meet Lauren Ko

Lauren is not a professional baker, she’s an executive assistant to the chancellor of Seattle Colleges. That makes her creations even more awesome in our eyes.

Getting Fruity In The Kitchen

Yes, tomatoes are a fruit and not a vegetable. This is a Cheddar Tomato Tart with Carrot Pesto. We hope that it tasted as good as it looks.

Apricots To Die For


Lauren says, “I come from a family of eaters and phenomenal home cooks, so it feels a bit like I’ve been cooking and baking my whole life.” All that practice produced this amazing Apricot Cream Tart.

Covering Up The Chicken

Sometimes a pie needs a crust, but Lauren is positive that doesn’t mean you can skimp on making the pie attractive. Here is a Chicken Pot Pie.

So Many Influences To Choose From

Lauren captioned this “cross my tart and hope to pie.” Her puns aren’t as good as her baking though, as this Cream Cheese Shortbread Pie shows.

Life By Chocolate


We want one of these, please. It’s a Dark Chocolate Ganache Berryluscious Tart. As Lauren says, we all “tartally” deserve something this good to eat.

Even The Mini Ones Are Amazing


This was a miniature Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Plus Cream Cheese Icing And Espresso Glaze Pie! Yes, even the little things out of Lauren’s kitchen are sensational.

A Breath Of Fresh Pear!


We let Lauren write the headline on this one. This a Cardamom-Spiced Cream And Cinnamon Scented Wine-Soaked Pears Shortbread Tart! It’s crust pearfect for tea.

The Simple Things Can Be Gorgeous, Too


This is a Christmassy Cranberry Pie, and while it may be simpler than most of Lauren’s creations, it’s undeniably one of the most attractive to look at.

Just One More Bite


This is a Cranberry Curd Tart with Persimmon Tangrams. Lauren says it leaves those who eat it “lost for curds.” She says that’s how she feels when some of the world’s biggest names in food follow her on Instagram (and they do).

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