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Harvard Professor Gets His Own Muppet as Gift from Students

Busts of heroes and great men are created as a sign of respect and acknowledgment for their contributions, but for the students of Harvard Professor Joe Blatt, his efforts deserved a more modern take on the classic bust  — an authentic Sesame Street Muppet of himself.


Harvard Education/Instagram

In an Instagram post, Harvard Education posted a photo of Prof. Blatt with “Joe Blatt the Muppet” with the caption: “As an end-of-year gift, students in the @harvardeducation Technology, Innovation, and Education program asked @sesamestreet to commission a ‘Joe Blatt #Muppet.’ Prof. Blatt’s relationship with Sesame Workshop over the years has continued the great tradition of HGSE and #sesameworkshop collaborating on projects to improve children’s media. Today, “Little Joe” Blatt was unveiled!”

Prof. Blatt is an expert in children’s media and has a strong advising and consulting relationships with numerous children’s production such as Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids, Pokemon, and Walden Media, among others. He has spent a large part of his career working with the nonprofit educational organization Sesame Workshop that “helps kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder”.


Harvard University/Youtube

The Harvard professor has inspired a lot of his students not only because of his long list of contributions but his passion and dedication to education as well that they thought about the perfect gift to show their appreciation.

The Muppet idea was conceived by Prof. Blatt’s students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who sought Jeffrey Dunn, Sesame Workshop CEO, and commissioned the creation of “Little Joe” the Muppet counterpart of Blatt.

“The students had the bold and imaginative idea to contact (Sesame Workshop CEO Jeffrey Dunn) with this idea. It’s pretty stunning. I’m sitting here looking at myself,” shared Prof. Blatt in an interview with the Boston Globe.


Harvard Graduate School of Education/Facebook

When Blatt was asked about what he intends to do with “Little Joe”, the professor wittingly said: “I’ll try to find some powerful and motivating way to use it in classes. I’m also thinking seriously about never going to another faculty meeting and just propping this up in a chair so they think I’m there.”

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