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Heavyweight Cat Symba is Looking for Equally Heavy Love

Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) in Washington, D.C. has just found an enormous cat to take under its wings. The adorable furball is called Symba, and he weighs a whopping 35 pounds, the same weight of that of a three-year-old toddler!


Human Rescue Alliance/Facebook

HRA spokesperson Matt Williams said: “He may be the biggest I’ve seen. Trust me: He is big.” Williams also said that Symba is “very sweet, loves people, LOVES to be petted.”

But don’t be fooled by Symba’s adorable and loving nature. You may not notice it but his tragic story is equally as overwhelming as his size and weight. This 6-year-old feline used to be a companion to a loving human who only recently had to enter a nursing facility, which happened to have a strictly “no pets allowed” policy.


Human Rescue/Youtube

While staff at the HRA are simply captivated by and are doting on this heavyweight kitten, Symba is yet to find the right human to take extra care of him considering his size. Although he can be categorized by his caregivers as relatively healthy, he does admittedly need to shed off some 15 pounds of excess weight to keep future health problems at bay.

HRA is therefore hoping to find an adopter with a heart that is equally huge as Symba, who unfortunately doesn’t take very fondly to diet and exercise. Thus, this massive and adorable kitty needs a human with lots of patience and just the right amount of discipline to help him stick to an exercise and diet plan.


Human Rescue/Youtube

Williams shared: “As much as we love Symba, as cute as he is, his obesity is serious. He really needs to lose the weight to live a good life.”

In any case, size and weight issues aside, Williams encouraged: “He will make a terrific pet for someone.”

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