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If Your Holiday Cards Don’t Look Like These, You’re Failing At Christmas

Meet the Bergerons. When they started sending out Christmas cards in 2003, it was just the two of them. Now, 13 years later, their two daughters have joined in on the fun. These Christmas cards are so awkward, half a million people have shared them for the rest of us to bust a laugh over. Here are some of the winning cards…

Young Love

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Mike said he found it hard to muster holiday cheer after so many years of celebrating with the same people, so he came up with a way to surprise them and Laura joined in.


A Couple Of Nerds

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This one is hilarious. Mike took the time to draw on all of those freckles. Where did Laura find headgear, though? Wait, I think that’s tape. Even better.


Oh You Didn’t Know? We’re Amish Now

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After a few years of this, the couple’s family thought they’d run out of ideas. Nope. I don’t think the Amish put up any Christmas lights, though.


…And Now We’re Buddhists

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Mike and Laura had fun changing religions for awhile. Here they are meditating in their Buddhist garb. The bald head was a nice touch, Laura.


Feliz Navidad

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When changing religions stopped producing laughs, the cheerful couple decided to switch things up. Mike really took this role seriously. The two look so different in this photo, that at first their families surely thought this card had been sent to the wrong address.


Red Neckin’ It

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This card from 2004 is easily a fan favorite. Mike and Laura look like they’re straight out of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. They redneck well.


And Then There Were Three

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The Bergeron’s 2010 holiday card was a throwback to the ’70s, and their sweet daughter made her debut on this year’s edition. The little one seems completely unaware of what she’ll be subjected to in the years ahead.


Tweezers Please

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This card has a gypsy vibe to it. The unibrows are hilarious. Mike and Laura even drew one on their daughter (who will probably hide this photo from her friends for the rest of her life).


Trading Places

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This is another fave. What a brilliantly funny idea for the family to switch roles and genders. Both daughters look like they’re actually enjoying the madness. Nice wig, Mike.


And The Winner Is…

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This is definitely the winning Christmas card. It’s kind of awkward to look at Mike in those pants for longer than a couple of seconds, though.

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