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A Look Into the Bizarre Life of the ‘Human Barbie’

Justified or not, Barbie has been consistently accused of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. After all, most girls will not end up tall with a tiny waist, ample bust, long legs and shimmering blonde hair. But one woman from Ukraine challenged this notion and has done everything to try to meet the doll’s admittedly unnatural proportions. The result? She boasts the desired doll proportions and has reached a level of perfection that seems eerily inhuman. So what exactly does a human Barbie look like? More important, who is she and what does she do? Surprisingly, she does not just sit pretty in a plastic pink house, or cycle through the same endless series of frilly dresses. Read on to see what life is like for a real, human Barbie.

1. Meeting Human Barbie

Although she now resides in the Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova originally hailed from the small eastern European nation of Moldova. She had the usual childhood affinity for dolls.

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In fact, her doll collection was inexhaustible, each plastic girl flaunting her own stylish wardrobe. Unlike most girls, however, Lukyanova did not simply play house with her dolls and marry them  off to random action figures. She took great interest in the impeccable symmetry of their bodies. This fascination, of course, never faded with her childhood.