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These Husband Tweets Are So Real, I’m Dying Laughing

Sometimes, being married can be a bit challenging. With the rise of social media, several husbands have decided to divulge their day to day life. Some of them have become viral sensations, which can annoy their significant other at times. Here are some moments when their tweets turned into a complete laugh riot.


Got Milk?



To be fair, a lot of us didn’t know either. We’re hoping Josh didn’t originally store the carton in the drawer along with the fruits and vegetables.


Who Needs Sleep?



It seems as if Abe is working on his perfecting his acting abilities. In reality, he’s simply working on his wife’s last nerves.


Mean Mugging



What we want to know is how he left the mugs outside. Did he lay them around in a messy fashion or were they neatly stacked?


Nowhere To Run


As a husband, you have to share typical responsibilities with your wife. Grant learned to not try dodging any important tasks. Let’s hope that poor cat was fed.


Queen Of Pain


Just like any good person, Kent’s wife stood by her man during a rough time. Granted, she humiliated him, but she’s still faithful.


Bouncing Here And There And Everywhere


While 45 gummy bears is impressive, Josh has to step up his game. The official world record for the most gummies in a human mouth is 55.


Pants On The Ground


Dogs have to look their best when they’re taking a walk. Spending about $70 for a pair of dog pants is a bit ridiculous, though.


Supermarket Sweep


Don’t you worry about a thing, Rodney. Just follow your wife on her next trip to the supermarket to pick up some shopping pointers.


Goodbye Surprise


Perhaps Boyd should’ve brought some flowers and candy with him. Next time, he should simply make a detour to the bar after early dismissal.


Celebrate Good Times


Those small moments without the child can be precious. Make sure to enjoy every fist bump and high five you can get before they get old.

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